Which States in The US Have The Best Marijuana Dispensaries?

Medical cannabis is now legal in the US in 33 states. And out of these, 15 allow the recreational use of the herb too. But despite this, a cannabis user can only buy the herb from a designated dispensary. Cannabis is not like any other traditional medicine, obviously. And thus, its sale is also unique.

But do you know, not all cannabis dispensaries are the same? Obviously, the rules regarding the herb differ from state to state. Yet, if we compare the dispensaries on some common grounds, some places are better than the others.

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of states of the US with the best marijuana dispensaries. In this post, we’ve also discussed what actually makes these states unique. So, let’s discuss.


California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis in the year 1996. This means the people of California are buying cannabis from marijuana dispensaries for around 25 years. Now, this has been a lot in favor of marijuana businesses in the state, as they got a head start. Due to this only, marijuana dispensaries in California are one of the most organized and well-developed.

Dispensaries in California are very easily accessible, especially since the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018. The staff is well trained and extremely friendly. Also, most dispensaries in the state have a very nice collection of strains and products, which means all your needs will be met. I personally have tried San Bernardino medical marijuana, which is of the highest quality. 

In addition to this, the friendly nature of dispensaries in California makes it a great destination for marijuana tourists too. If you visit California, here are some of the coolest cannabis dispensaries in the state you should definitely visit.


Oregon, even if a new cannabis-friendly state, is surfacing as an example of how the right marijuana legalization looks like. The state is surely one of the most swiftly growing cannabis states in the US. Oregon is currently generating a record-breaking marijuana income.

Marijuana dispensaries in Oregon are also one of the best around the US. The state has on average 16.5 dispensaries per 100 thousand people. This is the highest per capita dispensaries in any of the US states. There are some huge dispensaries in Oregon with a staff that is knowledgeable and friendly. Also, the thing that goes in the favor of the state the most is that it shares its border with some anti-cannabis areas too. And by offering recreational cannabis to the tourists from these areas, it is able to generate even more revenue.


Recreational cannabis in Colorado is legal since 2012. In fact, Colorado was the first state to legalize adult-use cannabis. Given this, the state has a significant number of recreational marijuana dispensaries. Well, I have personally visited the dispensaries in Denver and Boulder. And the experience was extremely smooth.

Cannabis dispensaries in Colorado have a very well trained and educated staff that first try to understand your needs and then helps you find the best products. The overall mood inside a dispensary in the state is also very casual, given it’s been a long time since the herb was legalized here. All in all, Colorado is a great state in terms of marijuana dispensaries.


Michigan is again a state with both medical and recreational cannabis legal. And in the year 2020, the state’s sale of cannabis products is expected to worth $1.2 billion. This shows the efficiency of the marijuana distribution system in Michigan.

Cannabis dispensaries in Michigan are known for their top quality products, attentive staff, and affordable prices. The dispensaries in the state hire only the people who have a decent knowledge of marijuana so that they could offer you a wholesome experience during your trip. Also, cannabis policies in the state are mostly in favor of consumers, making it a lot less worrisome for people to visit cannabis dispensaries. Overall, Michigan offers a great cannabis dispensary experience to the consumers.

4 Facts About Edibles You Must Learn Before Using Them

Ingesting marijuana is an amazing cannabis consumption method. Without combusting the substance, consumers can enjoy the therapeutic properties of the herb.

Using your MMJ recs from medical marijuana doctors, you can legally purchase edibles. There are plenty of options available, such as gummies, chocolate bars, teas, etc.

Before you start eating cannabis for medical purposes, it’s important to learn how edibles are processed in the body, onset, and duration, etc. Let’s discuss it.

Edibles Are Not Processed The Same Way as Smoking

When you smoke cannabis, the cannabinoids are delivered into the bloodstream instantly. So, you receive medicinal effects quickly. But, this doesn’t happen when you eat marijuana. The chemical compounds first reach the stomach and then transfer to the bloodstream. This is the reason edibles don’t kick in instantly when you eat them. Usually, edible effects can be felt in 30-60 minutes. Some experts say that consumers can feel the peak effects of marijuana-infused foods in 2-3 hours after ingestion.

Since everyone has a different condition and metabolism, it’s not easy to determine the onset. However, you can try different edibles, such as gummies, chocolate bars, teas, etc.

Edibles Deliver Lasting Effects

Since edibles take longer to process, their effects last longer. That’s the reason they are often recommended for patients suffering from anxiety and pain. Usually, edibles last for 8-10 hours. However, the duration of edible effects may vary depending on the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Edible effects are more potent than smoking. When you eat marijuana, THC is transformed into 11-OH-THC, a psychoactive metabolite. The high levels of 11-OH-THC increase the duration of edibles as compared to smoking.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you to start with a low dose (let’s say 2.5 mg of THC), and see the effects. It’s good to enjoy your first few times with someone experienced in using edibles.

It’s Hard to Dose Edibles

Edibles don’t kick in instantly as smoking and vaping. So, dosing marijuana-infused foods and beverages isn’t easy. As a result, many consumers, especially beginners end up eating more than what they require. Over-intoxication can lead to panic attacks, vomiting, and nausea.

It’s recommended to go slow. Take a low dose and wait for at least 2 hours. If you feel you need more, take the second dose, and so on.

Most importantly, read the label carefully. For instance, if you have a 100 mg chocolate bar, you can divide it into 10 equal pieces with 10 mg each.

Starting with low doses will help you avoid the unexpected high effects and discomfort.

Edibles Are Safer Than Smoking

Smoking involves the combustion of the substance at a high temperature. This generates harmful chemicals along with cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. So, smoking increases the risks of certain health issues related to the lungs.

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A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine reported that 8 percent of the emergency room visits at the University of Colorado Hospital had symptoms, such as irregular heartbeat. Moreover, 3.1 percent of smokers experienced heart attacks.

Ingesting marijuana means experiencing medicinal effects without generating harmful chemicals. So, edibles are safer than smoking.

Get Your MMJ Recs Online in 10 Minutes

If you want to use marijuana for medical purposes, you require a doctor’s recommendation. In most states, such as California, an MMJ card is valid for one year, and after that, you need to renew it. Using telemedicine technology, you can see medical marijuana doctors online. The process is very simple-

  • Fill a form online
  • Talk to a licensed doctor using the HIPAA-compliant software
  • Receive MMJ recs in PDF format

Key Takeaways

Edibles allow you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without burning it. When you eat cannabis, the cannabinoids are processed through the stomach, and then reach different body parts through the bloodstream. So, edibles take longer to kick in and deliver lasting effects.

Be careful when dosing edibles. Start with a low dose and wait for the cannabinoids to absorb in the bloodstream. Try different strains and doses to evaluate what’s working for your condition.
See medical marijuana doctors online to get MMJ recs easily and conveniently.

4 Interesting Facts About Terpenes You Must Get Familiar With

There are a lot of cannabis strains on the market, and each strain has its unique aroma and flavor. But did you ever wonder, what gives these strains their aromas and flavors? Well, today we are going to talk about the compound that is responsible for these flavors and aromas that helps in soothing your body and mind. These compounds are called terpenes. Whether it’s the skunky smell from the buds of Sour Diesel or the citrusy sweet aroma of Super Lemon Haze. Terpenes are the reason behind the complex flavors and scents of every cannabis strain. 

While most people are only familiar with THC and CBD, you should also get familiar with certain facts about terpenes. Many people talk to medical marijuana doctors regarding the medical benefits of CBD and THC. But terpenes also offer several therapeutic benefits that most people are not aware of. As the cannabis industry is growing, we intend to educate more people about this amazing compound in cannabis. So, in this article, you are going to learn about 4 interesting facts about terpenes. This will help you understand the importance of these compounds in cannabis, so keep reading.

Fact 1. You Have to Store Your Cannabis Properly to Maintain The Aroma And Flavor Profile

It is always advisable to store your cannabis strain well at home to maintain its flavor and aroma. Storing your cannabis properly is necessary to maintain the potency and that unique aroma of your strain. Now, as I mentioned before, terpenes are the reason that your strain gets its unique flavor and aroma. When you do not store them properly, terpenes begin to lose their potent flavor and attractive aroma. You have to protect terpenes from overheating, overcooling, and overdrying all the time. That’s why you should take care of your buds by finding a good way to store them properly.

Fact 2. How You Feed Your Plants Impact The Quality of Terpenes

If you are a fan of ‘growing your own cannabis’ then this fact is for you. You should pay attention to what you are feeding your cannabis plants when cultivating them. This directly impacts the quality of terpenes. Depending on what you feed your plants can either help or hinder the production of terpenes. So, if you are looking for some great aroma and flavor from your buds, feed them right. The best option would be to go for the organic feeds to get the most flavorful of flowers. 

Fact 3. Terpenes Provide Therapeutic Values

You must be familiar with the medical and therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC. But the therapeutic values that terpenes provide are greatly understated. There are some amazing benefits of terpenes thanks to their anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. They can also help in pain, sleep deprivation, and can even hinder cancer cell growth. While more research is needed, preclinical studies show that terpenes can help in fighting the growth of cancer cells. One terpene, Limonene can help in stopping the spread of cancer cells, and can even prevent them from forming. Another terpene, B-caryophyllene can also cause cancer cell death, inhibit metastasis, and also suppress the growth of tumors.

Fact 4. There Are Over 200 Terpenes in Cannabis

Terpenes can be found almost everywhere – in plants and in some insects. But did you know that there are over 200 terpenes in cannabis plants? Well, now you understand how cannabis strains get such unique flavors and aromas. There is a wide array of terpenes that make the cannabis plant. And research shows that many terpenes even impact the effects of the cannabis strains. Some terpenes present in cannabis are also found in various common plants. Two of these terpenes – 

  • Myrcene – found in lemongrass, hops, and wild thyme 
  • Limonene – found in citrus fruits

So, these were some facts about terpenes that you should be familiar with. So, the next time you go to a dispensary to buy a strain, don’t just consider the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD percentage, also pay attention to the terpenes. Terpenes have a major role in determining the overall effects of cannabis.

How Are Cannabis Edibles Processed in The Body?

In the past years, edibles have gained popularity as a smokeless cannabis consumption method. Just get a medical cannabis card, and choose from a wide range of options, such as cookies, gummies, brownies, teas, etc.

Recent data shows that the sales of cannabis-infused edibles increased during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s important to note that edibles don’t work the same way as smoking. The cannabinoids pass through the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. Read on to learn more about marijuana edibles, how they work, and more.

How Are Edibles Processed?

Smoking delivers phytocannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) directly into the bloodstream. That means you receive medicinal effects, such as pain or inflammation relief immediately. But, when you eat marijuana, the phytocannabinoids are processed through the body’s digestive system. The liver metabolizes THC, thus converting it into 11-hydroxy-THC, a metabolite that provides more potent effects than THC. In the case of marijuana smoking, 11-hydroxy-THC isn’t produced.

Since cannabis edibles take longer to process, consumers have to wait for at least 30 minutes to feel the effects. In other words, marijuana edibles take anything between 30-90 minutes to kick in. Some foods & drinks may take even longer, depending on the type of product and levels of cannabinoids & terpenes. For instance, chewable products have a longer onset time than lollipops that are absorbed sublingually.

How long marijuana edibles last? Usually, edibles last 6-8 hours. However, the duration of effects depends on the type of edible you are using. So, when buying cannabis-infused edibles, you should check the label carefully.

Check How Much You Are Consuming

When using edibles, dosing is difficult. The reason is that they don’t kick in instantly. Many end up consuming too much, thus leading to overdose issues.

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Moreover, edibles deliver stronger effects than smoking. A report by the Colorado Department of Revenue says that 1 mg of THC in edibles delivers is equivalent to 5.71 mg of THC in smokeable form.

So, you should carefully check the dose. If you are a beginner, start with a low dose, let’s say 5 mg of THC. Wait for some time and analyze the effects on your mind and body. If not satisfied, take another dose.

You Can Make Edibles at Home

Want to try your hand in making edibles at home? There’s a wide range of options available. The most popular ones are cannabutter, canna milk, and cannaoil. So, based on your customized requirements, you can make edibles.

When making edibles, you need to decarboxylate the flowers. It means cooking cannabis for about 215-225 degrees F for 45-60 minutes. Decarboxylation is the process of activating the active ingredients of cannabis, such as THC. It makes edibles more potent.

The process of making edibles involves mixing cannabis flowers/concentrates into the carrier by heating slowly. Then, the active compounds, such as THC and CBD are extracted, removing the unwanted plant material.

However, you need to be a lot more careful when dosing homemade edibles. This is because they may contain higher levels of THC, which may make you uncomfortable.

Access Cannabis Edibles Legally

With a medical cannabis card, you can legally access dispensaries that are licensed by the state government to sell marijuana edibles. Now, it has become very easy to apply for the card. See a doctor online using telemedicine technology and get MMJ recs in the email. Here’s the process-

  • Sign up for an account
  • Talk to a licensed doctor through HIPAA-compliant software
  • Receive MMJ recs in PDF format


Key Takeaways

Edibles are a great alternative to smoking, which is linked to lung problems and other health risks. Gummies, teas, brownies, etc. containing THC and CBD can be ingested directly to enjoy the medicinal effects. Unlike other consumption methods, edibles have a slow onset because they are processed through the stomach before reaching the bloodstream. Moreover, they last longer, thus are perfect for patients who need lasting relief, such as pain relief.

Edible effects depend on the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. So, make sure you check the label before buying cannabis-infused foods or beverages. Moreover, dose edibles properly to experience the desired effects.

Apply for a new or medical cannabis card renewal online in 10 minutes today.

Latest Study Throws More Light on Using Cannabis For Migraines

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, 1 in every 4 US households suffers from migraines. Globally, the number reaches one billion. Well, the latest data shows that nearly 30% of migraine patients are using cannabis for relief and nearly 85% of them find it effective. MMJ Card is a popular option to access cannabis legally. Well, if your card expired, you can get a medical marijuana card renewal to extend your access by another year. 

As per the data collected by the Migraine Buddy, a global tracking app that records the intensity and frequency of attacks, people used different methods to ingest cannabis. Each method was effective and there was nothing like one is better than the other. 

A Look at Some Studies

The information mentioned above just points to the effectiveness of using the herb for managing migraines. Well, there are more studies that show the same. According to a study by Brain Sciences, regular cannabis use reduces the frequency of migraine attacks. This also results in lower antimigraine medicine intake and fewer disabilities. Another study published in the Journal of Pain showed that cannabis reduced migraine and headache severity by almost half. Another study showed that if you ingest cannabis with THC levels greater than 10%, the patients are able to manage their pain more effectively. 

Other Methods Are Not Effective

According to experts, migraines affect millions of Americans and most cases are treated using conventional therapies. Some therapies work but if you use prescription medicines, they come with a host of harmful side-effects. So, cannabis serves as a safer option to use cannabis. It’s natural and does not come with harmful side-effects. 

Using Cannabis For Migraine Pain

Cannabis is a storehouse of hundreds of compounds. These compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and sketch the necessary effects on the human body. ECS is a neural network of endocannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors that are spread throughout the human body. There are more mainly two kinds of receptors: CB1 and CB2. CB1 is increasingly present in the nervous system and shows an increased binding affinity to THC. CB2 receptors are not that prominent in the nervous system but are present in other parts of the body like the immune system. CBD does not interact much with the receptors in the brain but influences the receptors in other parts of the body. 

The interaction of THC with the receptors results in the feeling of high that relaxes you. Similarly, CBD produces relaxing effects too and prevents any unwanted intoxication that comes with THC. Both these active compounds have potent anti-inflammatory properties that work great in managing pain. So, cannabis works by channeling a flow of feel-good hormones in the body. This brings a sense of balance and erases any mental friction. The herb also changes the way your brain responds to pain. As a result, you feel relaxed. People dealing with migraines feel stressed and anxious. So, cannabis works by keeping you stress-free. 

Which is The Right Way to Use Cannabis?

Since we are battling a pandemic, we need to reanalyze our behaviors. The same holds for cannabis. Most people prefer smoking cannabis but experts feel that it is not a safe practice. That’s because COVID-19 is a pulmonary disease and it directly affects the lungs. Since smoking inflames the lungs, it can increase the risk of contracting the virus. Smoking also leads to dry cough which is a major symptom of COVID-19. So, during your diagnosis. the doctors might have a hard time finding if the cough is because of the virus or smoking. So, you just need to be a bit more responsible and avoid any risky behavior. 

You should explore other options for ingesting cannabis like edibles, oils, sprays, tinctures, sublingual, etc. They are safer and do not carry the side-effects of smoking. If you are using tinctures, you just need to place a drop under the tongue and it gets directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Edibles are also a very popular choice that people use. Well, you just need to be a bit careful with them because they hit you late and can take anywhere between 1-2 hours to produce effects. So, if you eat more than you should, they will leave you paranoid. Obviously, you wouldn’t want that. You can easily find good edibles in dispensaries. You just need to have an MMJ card to access it. If it is about to expire, you can get medical marijuana card renewal and extend your access. 

The Right Dose is Very Important

When you are using cannabis to manage a condition like a migraine, you should pay attention to the dose you are taking. That’s because every person comes with a unique set of experiences. Tolerance is not the same. Naturally, a seasoned cannabis user would have a high tolerance than someone who is a beginner.  The aim is to figure out a dose that induces mild relaxing effects. This works great in subsiding migraine pain. If you ingest too much, it will cause paranoia and make things worse. 

A better idea is to contact a certified cannabis doctor and take guidance. The doctor can screen your health and present you with a customized line of treatment. The cannabis doctor will help you figure out a dose that works for your body. The doctor might ask you some questions to get a better understanding of your health. You should be transparent as it aids in better analysis. Tell them a bit about your health history and any medications that you are using. Migraine can have a variety of causes. So, the doctor can inform you about using the right strategy for your health. The expert will also educate you about using the right strain along with the dosage. So, through their guidance, you can proceed with a better insight into your therapy. 

Get a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

You wouldn’t like any barrier in your access to cannabis. So, if your MMJ card is about to expire, get your renewal on time. You have two options for the same. You can either choose to get it from the same clinic that provided you with an MMJ recommendation or find a new one. If you choose the second route, you’ll have to do some research and analyze the ratings before you make a decision. Just make sure you contact the clinic 30 days before your expiry. This will leave you with a comfortable window to access it on time. Once you find the right one, proceed with the simple process to get your card. 

1) Contact The Clinic

Contact the clinic at least 30 days before your expiry. Apply online by visiting their website and submit your details. The clinic will go through your details and link you to a certified cannabis doctor. 

2) Talk to The Doctor

The doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your health progress. He or she will check how cannabis has enhanced your health in the past year and if you still need access to the herb for another year. 

3) Get Your Renewal

If your condition demands the use and the doctor approves your request, you can get a medical marijuana card renewal with ease. The clinic will send the digital copy of your recommendation via email and a hard copy upon request. 

With a renewal, you can access cannabis for another year and use it to manage your migraines. Dose safely and follow all the safety measures considering the risk of COVID-19.

Is Cannabis Good or Bad For the Immune System?

Cannabis is slowly and steadily being acknowledged for its therapeutic benefits. It offers management for a wide range of medical conditions. For instance pain, inflammation, PTSD, and anxiety. With its growing popularity for managing medical conditions, consumers are also questioning the safety of cannabis use. After all, marijuana still falls under the list of scheduled controlled substances and this means that cannabis is still illegal on the federal level. 

However, the big question still remains – how does cannabis affect your immune system? If you consume cannabis regularly, you are most likely to weigh the pros and cons based on personal experience. As it turns out, besides personal experience we also have research that helps us understand the relationship between cannabis and the immune system. So, let’s dive into it and broaden our knowledge of how beneficial or bad cannabis is bad for our immune system. 

Your Immune System

The immune system is one of the integral networks made up of a collection of cells and endogenous chemicals. It works in tandem with the organs to ward off bad bacteria, infections, pathogens, and viruses. All in all, the immune system protects the health and well-being of the human body. 

The immune system is multifaceted and it helps maintain the homeostasis of the body while combating infections in the most effective way. The active compounds such as the white blood cells, thymus, spleen, antibodies, bone marrow, and the lymphatic system fight pathogens collectively. However, here we will largely focus on the white blood cells. 

Did you know that memories are logged inside the white blood cells? Memories in the form of previously defeated microbes enable the immune system to eliminate infection easily and quickly. That’s why we always associate the removal of malfunctioned cells with the immune system.

So, what is the role of cannabis? Can it really help enhance the productivity of a weakened immune system? While there is research exploring the effects of marijuana on the white blood cells, we have few pieces of evidence showing how cannabis works in the case of the thymus, spleen, and other systems. Perhaps why so many people get a medical marijuana card online to alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of medical conditions. 

The Relationship Between Cannabis, Endocannabinoid System, and the Immune System

If you ever come across a cannabis study, you will fall upon this term quite often – the endocannabinoid system (ECS). So far, the scientists have established that there is a connection between the immune and the ECS. The ECS protects the immune system at the onset of an infection or a viral disease. It acts as a gatekeeper and prevents inflammation from turning into a disease. Not only this but the ECS also relates some of the functions of the specialized immune cells.

The two main receptors namely CB1 and CB2 mediate the interaction between marijuana and the immune system. This interaction leads to distinctive reactions. The reason why both THC and CBD appear to affect the body uniquely. Besides, we have literature suggesting that cannabis interacts with the ECS and hence the immune system to affect the functions of the body. 

A 2020 literature study found out that CBD is capable of suppressing an inflammatory response. The study also suggested that CBD may destroy cells that deteriorate the functioning of the immune system. Death of the immune cells means that new cells can emerge and help the immune system fight pathogens efficiently. 

Like CBD, THC also provided therapeutic benefits. Studies suggest that it suppresses immune activity and decreases inflammatory responses. THC is also effective in cases where the patient’s immune system starts attacking its own organs. It alters the functions of cells responsible for any sort of antimicrobial activity. Overall, this means that both THC and CBD can help the immune system in some or the other way but let’s delve deeper and find out more. 

Cannabis Impact on the Immune System

When we study about cannabis and the immune system, ideally, two things come up frequently. Immunomodulatory or immunosuppressive effect of cannabis. The effect of cannabis leads to the modification of immune response. When cannabis suppresses the immune to perform a certain action or to cause a reaction, the term we use is called immunosuppression. 

In addition to this, it is vital to note that the ability of cannabis to suppress or regulate the immune system is beneficial in certain cases. For instance, the dysregulation of the immune system. In that case, cannabis can suppress the cells causing problems for a specific organ or the body. If not, cannabis might not be the best option for your immune system. 

To prove the immunomodulatory effects here is a study published in 2017 that indicates both CBD and THC act as hosts for the immune cells. The study goes on to say that the lymphatic system contains lymphocytes (white blood cells). The white blood cells fight foreign substances and keep them away from entering the human organs. When an individual orally consumes THC or CBD the concentration of lymph cells increases three-fold. This means that the more the no. of lymphocytes the better it can fight for people who have autoimmune diseases.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Cannabis as an Immunosuppressant

So far, we have learned that cannabis can suppress the cells inside the immune system. However, immunosuppressive properties are good for patients with an autoimmune disease. People who consume cannabis otherwise may face problems in the near future. 

According to research conducted in 2003 on healthy subjects regular cannabis, the administration led to discrepancies in the immune system. For example, regular cannabis users had less pro-inflammatory cells and more anti-inflammatory cells. While an anti-inflammatory response is good for the proper functioning of an organ, in this case, it causes the reduction of lymphocytes. Impaired white cells mean the overall ability of the immune system to fight diseases also reduces gradually. 

Regular cannabis use also decreases the count of natural cell killers. In particular, cells that fight serious diseases such as tumors and microbial infections. The study also suggested that dose is an important factor here. You see, regular users are more susceptible to infections and diseases. In contrast, people who consume cannabis less frequently may have a better functioning immune system than regular users.

The Effects of Cannabis on Immunocompromised Patients 

Unfortunately, cannabis decreases the ability of immune cells to fight certain infections. The only problem here is that studies suggest that cannabis might actually help patients suffering from cancer and HIV. So, how does this mechanism work in cancer patients?

After all, the suppressive response may further cause the immune system to deteriorate. According to research, patients with HIV or cancer are vulnerable to infections. Cannabis may enhance the immune system by decreasing the virus and increasing the capacity of CD4 cells. CD4 cells boost immune response and function. While existing research leans a little towards cannabis use in the case of cancer and HIV patients. We require more concrete proof in this case. We do not have sufficient research to clearly say that cannabis works efficiently alongside the immune system. 

Final Thoughts

The current cannabis system allows the use of medical marijuana cards to avail of high-quality cannabis products. In fact, nowadays more and more people get a medical marijuana card online to alleviate the symptoms of certain medical conditions. The use of CBD and THC has broadened in the past few years.

What remains is the effectiveness of cannabis and its impact on the immune system. Some researchers are challenging the therapeutic potential of cannabis while others approve of cannabis use. Until we have concrete proof make sure that you consult a doctor and use cannabis under medical supervision. 

Make This Cannabis Oil At Home For an Extensive Skincare Routine

In present times, cannabis oil finds extensive use for all kinds of purposes. There is an endless number of hemp-oil based products available in the market that are suited for skincare. San Bernandino Medical Marijuana doctors mention that cannabis is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make it great for healthy skin. Hemp is largely legal and is available in all 50 states. It comes with a very low THC content and this cancels the possibility of any psychoactive effect. 

Active compounds like THC and CBD are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. This further extends to having antioxidant and anti-aging properties. In fact, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology mentions that cannabinoids channel the production of lipids that work in getting dry skin and acne in control. 

Applying Oil Topically is Different to Consuming Cannabis

Although smoking cannabis is linked to lots of benefits and fast effects on the body but in general, smoking is said to cause aging. On the other hand, if we talk about using cannabis topically in the form of oil. Various studies show that the presence of the active compound THC makes the cannabis plant resistant to various pathogens.

It also absorbs UVB rays protecting the seeds from any form of radioactive damage. The fact that THC acts as an anti-oxidant means that it is good at fixing fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. 

What Makes Hemp an Ideal Candidate?

Hemp is loaded with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that makes it ideal for any form of skin treatment. In today’s time, the market is flooded with serums and petroleum jellies that claim to offer the necessary benefits to the skin. Well, they have harmful chemicals that cause more harm than good.

If you are new to using cannabis, you should know that hemp-infused products can do wonders for your skin. Well, there are some facial recipes that you can easily make using cannabis oil. Let’s have a look at them. 

Green Goddess Facial

We’ll need an antioxidant-rich avocado that contains a high level of vitamin C responsible for boosting collagen and elastin production. Next, we’ll need patchouli essential oil which tightens the skin. The flower is a natural anti-depressant and works great in managing depression and anxiety. Well, below is the full list of ingredients. 

  • Avocado
  • ¼ cup of cannabis oil
  • 4-5 drops of patchouli oil
  • 2 spoons of cocoa powder

Steps to Prepare it: 

1) Cut the avocado into half and scoop out its flesh into a bowl. Next, add the all ingredients and mix them thoroughly. Try making a smooth mixture and avoid forming any chunks. 

2) Take the mixture in your hand and rub it onto your face using your fingertips in a circular motion. 

3) If you want to get the full-spa feel, make sure you boil some water and pour it in the bowl. Now, tie your hair in a bun and put your face over the bowl and cover it with a towel. The heat will open up the skin pores aiding in better absorption. 

4) Leave the mixture for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with a warm wet cloth. The next thing you see is soft, and glowing skin that seems fresh and perfect. 

Coco Oasis Exfoliant 

It’s a well-known fact that coconut oil is great for skin and hair. The experts mention that regular use of coconut oil can add a new dimension to your skincare routine. It works great in softening the skin and research shows that it can help treat acne and eczema. Well, if you combine it with sugar or salt, it adds an element of exfoliating properties to it. You’ll need to following ingredients: 

  • 1 TB of extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1 TB of cannabis oil
  • 1.5 TB of agave nectar
  • ¼ cup of sugar

Steps For Preparation: 

1) Take one bowl and mix agave with coconut oil. Next, take another bowl and mix sugar with cannabis oil until it forms a crumbly texture. 

2) Combine the two mixtures and mix them thoroughly until you form a uniform mixture. Remember that it should be slightly grainy because that’s how you’ll exfoliate. 

3) You can repeat the steps mentioned in the Green Goddess recipe to get that full spa feel. 

San Bernandino Doctors Can Help You Further

If you are planning to dive into the full spectrum of benefits from cannabis oil for your skincare routine, then contacting a certified doctor can be the best thing to do. The doctors have the basic knowledge of cannabis that they can guide you on using the oil effectively for your health. Before you contact the doctors, it’s important to find the relevant clinic which has the certified doctors to help you. 

To find one for yourself, start by searching for the top clinics in your area. The idea is to look for clinics that have a high rating. Along with that, pay attention to the user reviews because they help you in getting a better understanding of the working prowess of a particular clinic.

Next, you need to ensure if the clinic holds the necessary certifications, These serve as proof that a clinic can be trusted. Next, you can compare the clinics based on parameters such as affordability, expertise, services, and reputation. Select the clinic that offers the best mix of all the services. 

Once you find the clinic, you are free to contact the right clinic and apply for the MMJ recommendation. The steps are simple and convenient. 

1) Submit The Application 

Fill in your details like your health history, proof of documentation, and address proof. The clinic goes through your details and links you to a certified cannabis doctor. 

2) Talk to The Doctor

The doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your symptoms. The main aim is to see if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. They might ask you some questions that you should answer honestly. This helps in better analysis and your chances of finding a better treatment increase. 

3) Get your card

If you qualify, you earn the right to access the San Bernandino medical marijuana card. Once you have the card, you have the legal right to access cannabis from state-certified dispensaries. 

Here’s how Marijuana Makes Everything Better

If you have ever used cannabis before, you know how it makes you feel. It’s magical and transcends you into a different space that is far from the burdens of life. Online medical marijuana card allows you to access cannabis within the legal boundaries of the state. Well, this is surely great for the people who are planning to indulge in a relaxing cannabis experience. No matter what strain you choose, each one carries a distinct property that produces unique effects on your body. In other words, cannabis does a lot to enhance your life. Here’s how it does that. 

Cannabis makes the food taste better

You must be aware of this one. When you smoke cannabis, it triggers the munchies. This effect makes you hungry and you tend to eat more than you usually do. When you are in the phase of a high, everything seems favorable. The food tastes much better. A large part of the credit goes to the heightened senses. This is the reason why cannabis is used in managing conditions that kill your appetite. It includes cancer medications, nausea, AIDS, etc. Cannabis works as an appetite stimulant and helps you get into a regular diet. You might be wondering how this entire thing happens. Ingesting cannabis triggers the release of a hormone called Ghrelin that causes hunger. This is the reason why you tend to feel hungry when you are in the effect of cannabis. Whenever you get the munchies, it’s a good idea to eat healthy foods as much as possible. A good idea is to eat fruits rather than anything of junk. 

It enhances the exercise

Fitness should be an important part of everyone’s lives. That’s because it promotes the overall health and keeps you away from the health hazards. For people who exercise heavily, muscle pain is a common issue. After a strenuous exercise routine, recovery is very important.  For that proper blood flow is very essential because it is the main carrier of essential nutrients. Well, exercising does increase the overall blood flow in the body. Cannabis can make this entire thing better because it acts as a vasodilator that increases the blood flow in the vessels. Along with that, cannabis also has anti-inflammatory properties that remove any muscle inflammation and help you in reducing pain. This is great for people who are demotivated to head to their gym sessions because of pain. 

It helps you socialize

If you are not confident about heading out or meeting new people. Cannabis can help you with that. There is nothing to be awkward about meeting new people. Well, every person is different and someone people are more conscious while interacting with others. Thankfully, cannabis comes to the rescue. When you ingest cannabis active compounds like THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid receptors to trigger the release of feel-good hormones in the body. As a result, you feel much better and relaxed. Cannabis works as a mood enhancer that helps you unwind with ease. In other words, everything seems much more favorable. It brings the much-needed mental clarity that helps you think better and you will more likely interact with new people. 

It helps you sleep better

Along with pain-relief, a lot of people use cannabis to enhance their quality of sleep. Insomnia is a major problem that affects a considerable part of the population. With cannabis, you are able to relax better and dive into a relaxing sleep. Pain is something which is a major barrier to sleep. Cannabis works by reducing the pain and helping you sleep better. It’s not just limited to that, it keeps your mind free from any useless thoughts that might prevent you from sleeping. The Indica strains produce the body high effects that help you in sleeping better. Along with that, the effects are also sedating which makes you fall asleep more easily. 

Keeps your mood happy

Imagine, you’re back home after a tiring day and all cranked up. Well, this happens because work pressure and inability to meet certain deadlines might irritate you. This means that you need something to unwind and destress. Well, there is nothing better than cannabis. It rewires your brain by filling it with good thoughts and promoting happiness. This works because cannabis removes any form of mental friction and helps you think better. You’ll be more driven to indulge in happening conversations. It’s great if you have any company as it can help you etch good moments with the utmost ease. 

Well, if you are planning to use cannabis for your health, you need to have an MMJ card.

Online Medical Marijuana Card Paves The Way

With the help of a cannabis card, accessing marijuana becomes a lot easier. That’s because it gives you the legal right to access the herb and the cops cannot really challenge you. If you are planning to get a card for yourself, you need to find a certified cannabis clinic. To do that, you can start with research or take references from your friends and family members. Along with that, pay attention to the reviews and ratings. They give you a glimpse into the working prowess of a particular clinic. At last, compare clinics on various parameters like affordability, services, and reputation. Naturally, you will select the one that offers the best mix of all parameters. 

How to get a cannabis card?

The process to get a cannabis card is very easy. With the help of telemedicine, you can interact with board-certified doctors from the comfort of your home. The process is very simple:

1) Fill a simple application form by entering your details. This might include your health history, age, address, and documentation. The clinic analyzes this information and links you to a certified doctor. 

2) A board-certified cannabis doctor interacts with you via video call. The doctor poses some questions and tries to understand your health. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. The doctor might ask some relevant questions. So, it’s important that you answer all of them honestly. This helps in better analysis and allows the doctor to assist you better. 

3) If you qualify, that means you are eligible to own a medical marijuana card in California. The card is sent to you via email and you can use it to source your herb. 

Once you have the card, you get the legal right to access cannabis from the state-certified dispensaries. Along with that, it allows you to save up to 25% tax on cannabis expenditure. Plus, you can access a wider range of cannabis products that recreational users cannot access. 

So, cannabis is a blessing that you cannot ignore. It can do wonders in enhancing your overall life. Just make sure you use it the right way to add a new dimension to your life. If you ever feel confused, don’t hesitate to contact a certified doctor.

Big vs. Small Hits: What’s the Right Way of Smoking Cannabis?

Are you a cannabis smoker? If yes, what do you prefer, big or small hits? 
Not sure? I don’t blame you. In fact, most cannabis consumers are confused if they should puff big hits, or if smaller hits are sufficient to enjoy the herb. But today we are going to end this dilemma once and for all. No matter if you are already a cannabis consumer, or are still thinking of getting a California medical marijuana card online, almost everyone is confused about this. And this piece of information may help you finally make up your mind.
You may have heard that, while smoking cannabis, you should take a hit as big as possible and then hold it in for as long as you can. In short, puff, hold, hack, and repeat. But does this concept really works?
Turns out, the above fact… a complete and absolute rubbish. 

As stoners, we all want to make the most of our stash. And so, over time, we developed several theories relating to the plant. But obviously, not all of them are right. Due to the legalization of cannabis, several myths related to the plant have been debunked. And this is also one of them.
But then why does it work for some people?
Let’s try to understand it at a deeper level.

Why Bigger Hits Don’t Work?

One thing is absolute- Taking a big hit or holding it in for a long time isn’t gonna make any difference in your marijuana’s efficiency. But if you want to know why, let’s try to understand how cannabinoids actually work inside your body when you smoke cannabis.

Absorption is Instant

Just try to recall your biology class when you were taught about the structure of the human lungs. Do you remember it? If not, let me remind you.

Our lungs have several tiny air sacs known as alveoli. And when you inhale normally, these sacs instantly grab the oxygen from the air and transfers it to the blood. The same happens when you smoke cannabis too. Just, along with oxygen, these air sacs also grab other compounds, like CBD, THC and CBN, etc. And when “THC” enters your bloodstream, you feel high.

But did you notice the word “instantly?” 

The Transfer is Inefficient

Another interesting fact about our lungs is that even in their most healthy state, they can’t absorb more than 5 percent of the oxygen and other compounds they get with a single inhale. This means, no matter how long you hold in your cannabis smoke, it isn’t gonna make any difference. There is a limit to the amount of cannabis your body can take in with a single breath cycle.

But Why do Some People get a Stronger High with this Method?

No doubt, some people get a stronger high with this method. But here too, science works in the background. 
If I say it in short, it’s not a stronger high but actually oxygen deprivation. The dizziness and lightheadedness is not actually the effect of cannabis but the lack of oxygen. You probably remember the effects of low oxygen in your brain from your science class. And if yes, you know that this isn’t really very healthy for you. 

Furthermore, holding your smoke for more time simply gives more time to contaminants in your smoke to have an effect on your lungs. Not so good!

The Concept of Microdosing

You should note that not everyone consumes cannabis just to get high. Different people have different reasons. And there are several who are looking for just the medicinal benefits of the herb. Here, the concept of microdosing comes into the picture.
Thinking of getting a California medical marijuana card online? This may be helpful for you.

The concept of mirodosing has become quite famous among medicinal users. And now, it is gaining popularity among recreational users too. Microdosing means consuming a very small dose of a substance (THC, in the case of cannabis) so that you get its benefits only, and not any negative effects, such as a psychoactive high. In the case of THC, a normal microdose is approximately 2 to 3 mg. So, if you’re smoking, you only need to smoke a single puff or two, not the entire joint.

So, Are Smaller Hits Better, then?

To put it simply, if you are looking only for the health benefits of cannabis, smaller hits are the way to go. However, if you need to get high too, neither big nor small hits are good. Instead, you should focus on keeping your inhalation steady in order to make the most of your cannabis. Take a few seconds to breathe in the smoke, and then exhale it naturally after your lungs are full. This way, you’ll not only enjoy the plant to the fullest but will also keep your lungs from unnecessary damage due to unhealthy smoke particles.

What if your Hits aren’t Enough?

It is possible that you don’t get high enough by keeping your hits steady, sometimes. However, let’s not blame the size of your hits here. There may be several different reasons behind not getting high. And to make it work, you just need to experiment a little.

Getting high isn’t really that hard. You may try several things. For instance, try a strain that has a high amount of THC in it. This strain can get you stoned in just a few hits. And if even this doesn’t work, try edibles. The high you get from this will be a little delayed, however, it is much stronger than smoking (depending on the strain). Also, it lasts for a lot longer. 

If you are looking for a nice middle ground, you may go for dabbing concentrates. These are usually very potent. Plus, the effects are quite similar to smoking or vaping.

How to Enhance your Hits?

  • While making a joint, use a rolling paper that isn’t bleached. An unbleached paper offers a more even burning experience. Plus, these are a lot cleaner.
  • Grind your stash properly. An even consistency will give you a slower and more consistent burn.
  • Roll your Joint Perfectly. A lot of people don’t know that the way you roll your joint also affects its quality. You shouldn’t make it too tight or too loose. Too tight, and you won’t be able to draw properly. Too loose will make it burn very quickly.
  • If you are using a bong, keep it clean. An unclean bong can never give you a clean hit. And this may become a problem for you as you are inhaling some very nasty stuff that may damage your lungs. 

In the end, you do not need to inhale too much or hold for too long to enjoy your cannabis fully. Just keep it as you normally breathe. If you are looking for just the health benefits, prefer microdosing. But if you want to enjoy the psychoactive effects too, you may go for a middle ground. And if your hits still don’t work, you always have the option to switch your consumption method.

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain – Is it Therapeutically Effective?

Imagine what it would be like if you fell from stairs and hurt your knee? Of course, it would be painful. I know the feeling myself. But that’s not the point. What I mean is that you always rush to a pharmacy store and look for over the counter pain-relievers. Don’t even try to deny it. But, cases of opioid addictions have led to a switch from conventional prescriptions to medical marijuana recommendations. Although this may be true but is medical marijuana for chronic pain a good match?

Just keep reading, and I will lead you to every critical detail that you must be aware of. 

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain- How Does it Work?

Medical marijuana contains a plethora of compounds meant for different purposes for the plant itself. However, when they get into a human system, the primary function is to produce effects that will impact biological function. And in this case, it would affect pain signals traveling across different systems. 

Have you ever noticed how medical marijuana helps to relieve your painful symptoms? Your answer is right here.

The components of marijuana, primarily THC and CBD, interact with different receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). And this results in a cascade of events that results in combating stressful factors leading to pain. For instance, THC activates the body’s reward system and helps you to feel minimal pain. On the other hand, CBD does not produce any intoxicating effects even after interacting with pain receptors to exert analgesic or anti-inflammatory effects. 

Research Studies- What’s The Score?

A lot of studies are looking into finding the possibilities of medical marijuana as an effective pain reliever. They are studying the effects of CBD and THC alone and how they might be useful when combined together. For example, a 2015 review looked into the use of marijuana and its cannabinoids as an effective pain reliever in situations of neuropathy. And the results turned out to be promising. 

Another research paper talked about the use of marijuana in cancer pain. They found that there was a 60% reduction in opioid use with an improvement in the quality of life. A few others found that medical marijuana was effective in producing effects essential for general well being. Not to mention, in the case of migraines, it could decrease migraine episodes after using cannabis with an online medical marijuana recommendation.

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain- Is it More Potent Than Opioids?

We already told you earlier, the use of opioids is impacting the patients pretty severely. Opioid addictions are no longer a regional issue. In fact, more than 9 million cases have already been recorded in the USA alone. Consequently, the death toll is also exponentially rising day-by-day. So, its pretty apparent doctors and patients would look into options that might have a long-term benefit. 

Ok, I know what you are thinking. Since we are talking about marijuana, it’s natural that we will talk about its efficacy in comparison with opioids. Well, wasn’t that the whole point? 


To begin with, surveys showed that more than 30% of cannabis users were able to reduce opioids usage. As a matter of fact, more than 80% of subjects strongly agreed that medical marijuana was way more effective than opioids. Also, recently, a study found that flavins present in cannabis are 30 times more effective than aspirin. Isn’t that amazing? 

Aren’t you eager to find your medical marijuana recommendation right away? But wait, there’s more. 

These studies and results concerning medical marijuana are mostly based on pre-clinical trials. So, there is a need for full-fledged research into this niche. One needs to understand that different aspects might affect a patient in an entirely different way. For instance, 

  • What type of marijuana works best for chronic pain?
  • What are the effective methods of delivery?
  • What marijuana is good for chronic pain?

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain- How Does it Work? Points Often Overlooked 

There are some downsides to marijuana, as well. You must be aware of its intoxicating effects before starting your search for the best medical marijuana strains with your medical marijuana recommendation. For example, smoking might result in respiratory issues. And if you are into THC rich strains, euphoria might hit you hard. So, consulting a doctor before must be a priority. 

Evidence indicates its exemplary medicinal effects against painful symptoms. The side effects are minimal as compared to opioids. But, before we go into that, make sure you have a qualifying medical condition to get a medical marijuana card.