Big vs. Small Hits: What’s the Right Way of Smoking Cannabis?

Are you a cannabis smoker? If yes, what do you prefer, big or small hits? 
Not sure? I don’t blame you. In fact, most cannabis consumers are confused if they should puff big hits, or if smaller hits are sufficient to enjoy the herb. But today we are going to end this dilemma once and for all. No matter if you are already a cannabis consumer, or are still thinking of getting a California medical marijuana card online, almost everyone is confused about this. And this piece of information may help you finally make up your mind.
You may have heard that, while smoking cannabis, you should take a hit as big as possible and then hold it in for as long as you can. In short, puff, hold, hack, and repeat. But does this concept really works?
Turns out, the above fact… a complete and absolute rubbish. 

As stoners, we all want to make the most of our stash. And so, over time, we developed several theories relating to the plant. But obviously, not all of them are right. Due to the legalization of cannabis, several myths related to the plant have been debunked. And this is also one of them.
But then why does it work for some people?
Let’s try to understand it at a deeper level.

Why Bigger Hits Don’t Work?

One thing is absolute- Taking a big hit or holding it in for a long time isn’t gonna make any difference in your marijuana’s efficiency. But if you want to know why, let’s try to understand how cannabinoids actually work inside your body when you smoke cannabis.

Absorption is Instant

Just try to recall your biology class when you were taught about the structure of the human lungs. Do you remember it? If not, let me remind you.

Our lungs have several tiny air sacs known as alveoli. And when you inhale normally, these sacs instantly grab the oxygen from the air and transfers it to the blood. The same happens when you smoke cannabis too. Just, along with oxygen, these air sacs also grab other compounds, like CBD, THC and CBN, etc. And when “THC” enters your bloodstream, you feel high.

But did you notice the word “instantly?” 

The Transfer is Inefficient

Another interesting fact about our lungs is that even in their most healthy state, they can’t absorb more than 5 percent of the oxygen and other compounds they get with a single inhale. This means, no matter how long you hold in your cannabis smoke, it isn’t gonna make any difference. There is a limit to the amount of cannabis your body can take in with a single breath cycle.

But Why do Some People get a Stronger High with this Method?

No doubt, some people get a stronger high with this method. But here too, science works in the background. 
If I say it in short, it’s not a stronger high but actually oxygen deprivation. The dizziness and lightheadedness is not actually the effect of cannabis but the lack of oxygen. You probably remember the effects of low oxygen in your brain from your science class. And if yes, you know that this isn’t really very healthy for you. 

Furthermore, holding your smoke for more time simply gives more time to contaminants in your smoke to have an effect on your lungs. Not so good!

The Concept of Microdosing

You should note that not everyone consumes cannabis just to get high. Different people have different reasons. And there are several who are looking for just the medicinal benefits of the herb. Here, the concept of microdosing comes into the picture.
Thinking of getting a California medical marijuana card online? This may be helpful for you.

The concept of mirodosing has become quite famous among medicinal users. And now, it is gaining popularity among recreational users too. Microdosing means consuming a very small dose of a substance (THC, in the case of cannabis) so that you get its benefits only, and not any negative effects, such as a psychoactive high. In the case of THC, a normal microdose is approximately 2 to 3 mg. So, if you’re smoking, you only need to smoke a single puff or two, not the entire joint.

So, Are Smaller Hits Better, then?

To put it simply, if you are looking only for the health benefits of cannabis, smaller hits are the way to go. However, if you need to get high too, neither big nor small hits are good. Instead, you should focus on keeping your inhalation steady in order to make the most of your cannabis. Take a few seconds to breathe in the smoke, and then exhale it naturally after your lungs are full. This way, you’ll not only enjoy the plant to the fullest but will also keep your lungs from unnecessary damage due to unhealthy smoke particles.

What if your Hits aren’t Enough?

It is possible that you don’t get high enough by keeping your hits steady, sometimes. However, let’s not blame the size of your hits here. There may be several different reasons behind not getting high. And to make it work, you just need to experiment a little.

Getting high isn’t really that hard. You may try several things. For instance, try a strain that has a high amount of THC in it. This strain can get you stoned in just a few hits. And if even this doesn’t work, try edibles. The high you get from this will be a little delayed, however, it is much stronger than smoking (depending on the strain). Also, it lasts for a lot longer. 

If you are looking for a nice middle ground, you may go for dabbing concentrates. These are usually very potent. Plus, the effects are quite similar to smoking or vaping.

How to Enhance your Hits?

  • While making a joint, use a rolling paper that isn’t bleached. An unbleached paper offers a more even burning experience. Plus, these are a lot cleaner.
  • Grind your stash properly. An even consistency will give you a slower and more consistent burn.
  • Roll your Joint Perfectly. A lot of people don’t know that the way you roll your joint also affects its quality. You shouldn’t make it too tight or too loose. Too tight, and you won’t be able to draw properly. Too loose will make it burn very quickly.
  • If you are using a bong, keep it clean. An unclean bong can never give you a clean hit. And this may become a problem for you as you are inhaling some very nasty stuff that may damage your lungs. 

In the end, you do not need to inhale too much or hold for too long to enjoy your cannabis fully. Just keep it as you normally breathe. If you are looking for just the health benefits, prefer microdosing. But if you want to enjoy the psychoactive effects too, you may go for a middle ground. And if your hits still don’t work, you always have the option to switch your consumption method.

The Ultimate Guide of San Bernardino Marijuana Laws

California was one of the primary states who made it possible for the other states to follow its footsteps and allow transforming them into a “green” state. Thousands of patients and recreational users are living a life they could only wish. Since one can expect a wide range of therapeutic properties. However, one must have knowledge of San Bernardino marijuana laws to avoid any legal hassles or implications in the future. Let’s get started and learn about some of the commonly asked questions about using marijuana.

How Much Can You Possess?

If you are legally registered as a medical marijuana patient, then the state will allow you to carry up to 8 ounces (8 times that of recreational users) of marijuana. You can possess six mature and 12 seedling of the cannabis plant. And lastly, you can easily buy one 8 grams of marijuana concentrates if you are a recreational user. However, there are no restrictions for medical marijuana patients. If you go beyond the possession limits. Then, you will be punished and or asked to pay a penalty.

Can I Grow my Cannabis Medication?

Again, if you have a medical marijuana license, you can grow up to six mature plants or twelve seedlings. Just make sure you grow these plants in your residence. Although, you can ask the same from your designated caregiver. You can also extend your growing limits to approx. 100 sq. feet with a California growers license.

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Who Can Qualify For a Medical Marijuana Card in San Bernardino?

California allows the use of medical marijuana as an aid under the following circumstances. For instance, if you have one or two of the following conditions, you can easily go for medical marijuana consumption such as Anorexia, Arthritis, Cancer, Glaucoma, Muscle spasms, Seizures, AIDS, Epilepsy, Cachexia, Nausea, Chronic pain, Multiple sclerosis, Migraines, or any other condition interfering with your daily activities.

Make sure the patient must be 18 years old or above. However, if your medical condition requires the intervention of cannabis, then the state might even allow patients under the age of 18 years as an exception. However, they will need an online medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed 420 doctors as well as their legal guardian.

How Can You Consume Cannabis in California?

You can consume cannabis only in your private residences. Other than that, anyone can consume marijuana, be it for medical or recreational purposes. Consuming cannabis at any place besides your private residence is strictly prohibited. You can purchase from any state-licensed dispensary. However, if you are a recreational user, go for the shops that sell marijuana legally for adult-use.

Can Out of State Patients Consume Medical Marijuana?

As per the medical marijuana laws of California, you can easily consume marijuana in this state. However, you would be regarded as a recreational user. You cannot possess or consume medical marijuana products at all.

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Can You Travel With Marijuana?

You cannot travel under the influence of marijuana as it is illegal to drive when you are “high.” Also, if you wish to travel with your medication, make sure you keep your plant inside a box. And out of reach of the driver. Also, ensure to carry your license while traveling with cannabis at all times.


California is one of the most “cool” states when it comes to marijuana consumption. However, if you wish to extend your limits in every way, it would be best if you have a valid evaluation by licensed California marijuana doctors, and you can easily access different strains without any legal implications. Just make sure it is still an illegal entity in the eyes of federal agencies. So, don’t try to export your products across the state borders.