Which States in The US Have The Best Marijuana Dispensaries?

Medical cannabis is now legal in the US in 33 states. And out of these, 15 allow the recreational use of the herb too. But despite this, a cannabis user can only buy the herb from a designated dispensary. Cannabis is not like any other traditional medicine, obviously. And thus, its sale is also unique.

But do you know, not all cannabis dispensaries are the same? Obviously, the rules regarding the herb differ from state to state. Yet, if we compare the dispensaries on some common grounds, some places are better than the others.

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of states of the US with the best marijuana dispensaries. In this post, we’ve also discussed what actually makes these states unique. So, let’s discuss.


California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis in the year 1996. This means the people of California are buying cannabis from marijuana dispensaries for around 25 years. Now, this has been a lot in favor of marijuana businesses in the state, as they got a head start. Due to this only, marijuana dispensaries in California are one of the most organized and well-developed.

Dispensaries in California are very easily accessible, especially since the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018. The staff is well trained and extremely friendly. Also, most dispensaries in the state have a very nice collection of strains and products, which means all your needs will be met. I personally have tried San Bernardino medical marijuana, which is of the highest quality. 

In addition to this, the friendly nature of dispensaries in California makes it a great destination for marijuana tourists too. If you visit California, here are some of the coolest cannabis dispensaries in the state you should definitely visit.


Oregon, even if a new cannabis-friendly state, is surfacing as an example of how the right marijuana legalization looks like. The state is surely one of the most swiftly growing cannabis states in the US. Oregon is currently generating a record-breaking marijuana income.

Marijuana dispensaries in Oregon are also one of the best around the US. The state has on average 16.5 dispensaries per 100 thousand people. This is the highest per capita dispensaries in any of the US states. There are some huge dispensaries in Oregon with a staff that is knowledgeable and friendly. Also, the thing that goes in the favor of the state the most is that it shares its border with some anti-cannabis areas too. And by offering recreational cannabis to the tourists from these areas, it is able to generate even more revenue.


Recreational cannabis in Colorado is legal since 2012. In fact, Colorado was the first state to legalize adult-use cannabis. Given this, the state has a significant number of recreational marijuana dispensaries. Well, I have personally visited the dispensaries in Denver and Boulder. And the experience was extremely smooth.

Cannabis dispensaries in Colorado have a very well trained and educated staff that first try to understand your needs and then helps you find the best products. The overall mood inside a dispensary in the state is also very casual, given it’s been a long time since the herb was legalized here. All in all, Colorado is a great state in terms of marijuana dispensaries.


Michigan is again a state with both medical and recreational cannabis legal. And in the year 2020, the state’s sale of cannabis products is expected to worth $1.2 billion. This shows the efficiency of the marijuana distribution system in Michigan.

Cannabis dispensaries in Michigan are known for their top quality products, attentive staff, and affordable prices. The dispensaries in the state hire only the people who have a decent knowledge of marijuana so that they could offer you a wholesome experience during your trip. Also, cannabis policies in the state are mostly in favor of consumers, making it a lot less worrisome for people to visit cannabis dispensaries. Overall, Michigan offers a great cannabis dispensary experience to the consumers.

4 Interesting Facts About Terpenes You Must Get Familiar With

There are a lot of cannabis strains on the market, and each strain has its unique aroma and flavor. But did you ever wonder, what gives these strains their aromas and flavors? Well, today we are going to talk about the compound that is responsible for these flavors and aromas that helps in soothing your body and mind. These compounds are called terpenes. Whether it’s the skunky smell from the buds of Sour Diesel or the citrusy sweet aroma of Super Lemon Haze. Terpenes are the reason behind the complex flavors and scents of every cannabis strain. 

While most people are only familiar with THC and CBD, you should also get familiar with certain facts about terpenes. Many people talk to medical marijuana doctors regarding the medical benefits of CBD and THC. But terpenes also offer several therapeutic benefits that most people are not aware of. As the cannabis industry is growing, we intend to educate more people about this amazing compound in cannabis. So, in this article, you are going to learn about 4 interesting facts about terpenes. This will help you understand the importance of these compounds in cannabis, so keep reading.

Fact 1. You Have to Store Your Cannabis Properly to Maintain The Aroma And Flavor Profile

It is always advisable to store your cannabis strain well at home to maintain its flavor and aroma. Storing your cannabis properly is necessary to maintain the potency and that unique aroma of your strain. Now, as I mentioned before, terpenes are the reason that your strain gets its unique flavor and aroma. When you do not store them properly, terpenes begin to lose their potent flavor and attractive aroma. You have to protect terpenes from overheating, overcooling, and overdrying all the time. That’s why you should take care of your buds by finding a good way to store them properly.

Fact 2. How You Feed Your Plants Impact The Quality of Terpenes

If you are a fan of ‘growing your own cannabis’ then this fact is for you. You should pay attention to what you are feeding your cannabis plants when cultivating them. This directly impacts the quality of terpenes. Depending on what you feed your plants can either help or hinder the production of terpenes. So, if you are looking for some great aroma and flavor from your buds, feed them right. The best option would be to go for the organic feeds to get the most flavorful of flowers. 

Fact 3. Terpenes Provide Therapeutic Values

You must be familiar with the medical and therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC. But the therapeutic values that terpenes provide are greatly understated. There are some amazing benefits of terpenes thanks to their anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. They can also help in pain, sleep deprivation, and can even hinder cancer cell growth. While more research is needed, preclinical studies show that terpenes can help in fighting the growth of cancer cells. One terpene, Limonene can help in stopping the spread of cancer cells, and can even prevent them from forming. Another terpene, B-caryophyllene can also cause cancer cell death, inhibit metastasis, and also suppress the growth of tumors.

Fact 4. There Are Over 200 Terpenes in Cannabis

Terpenes can be found almost everywhere – in plants and in some insects. But did you know that there are over 200 terpenes in cannabis plants? Well, now you understand how cannabis strains get such unique flavors and aromas. There is a wide array of terpenes that make the cannabis plant. And research shows that many terpenes even impact the effects of the cannabis strains. Some terpenes present in cannabis are also found in various common plants. Two of these terpenes – 

  • Myrcene – found in lemongrass, hops, and wild thyme 
  • Limonene – found in citrus fruits

So, these were some facts about terpenes that you should be familiar with. So, the next time you go to a dispensary to buy a strain, don’t just consider the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD percentage, also pay attention to the terpenes. Terpenes have a major role in determining the overall effects of cannabis.

Is It Safe to Take CBD Before Driving? (Facts Explained)

The legal nuances associated with CBD are a grey area only a handful of legal authorities understand. For a common person using CBD in a state which has legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational use is legal. In other words, they don’t need a medical cannabis card to avail of CBD products. To put things into perspective, here’s an example. Say you live in San Bernardino, you don’t need 420 evaluations in San Bernardino to get CBD-infused products. You can thank the Farm Bill for the same because CBD is now legal federally. This means that you can purchase CBD over the counter without having to worry about a possible arrest. However, here’s a legal catch. 

You see, the Farm Bill has several clauses, and one of its nuances clearly establishes what kind of CBD is legal on the federal level. CBD derived from the hemp plant with less than or equal to 0.3% THC is legal on the federal level. This indicates that any product containing more than 0.3% THC automatically falls under the illegal category. So, using CBD is not as easy as you thought and driving under the influence of CBD becomes even more complicated if you don’t pay attention to the legal and scientific details. In this post, we will cover the legal nuances associated with driving under the influence of CBD and should you consume CBD before driving or not. Let’s begin! 

What Happens When You Take CBD Before Driving? 

Let’s start with the scientific explanation first. You see, CBD is non-psychoactive, but when it interacts with the brain, it causes the anandamide and GABA levels to rise. As a result, you feel relaxed and calm at the same time. These effects are opposite to the psychoactive effects caused by THC. Thus, CBD will not impair your ability to think or work. In fact, cannabidiol will interact with your brain and body to cause a relaxing effect without altering your mood. So, when it comes to driving after consuming CBD, some people will feel relaxed and it might hinder the energy they need for driving. 

Additionally, heavy consumption of CBD can cause side effects such as lightheadedness, low blood pressure, sleepiness, and lethargy. For these reasons, we do not recommend driving after consuming CBD. However, those who are accustomed to the effects of CBD can take little amounts before driving. For new users, it’s best you stay indoors and never expose yourself to long road drives. Instead, you can talk to a medical marijuana doctor, if you feel that your body enters a super sleepy mode after consuming CBD. The doctor will probably reduce the dosage or recommend a different CBD product altogether. 

For a 420 evaluation, look for a state-certified health physician in your region. For example, get 420 evaluations in San Bernardino and learn which CBD product and what dose works perfectly well for your body. That said, let’s move on to the legal aspects of driving with and under the influence of cannabis. 

Can I Drive With CBD? 

Yes, you can, but only if you live in a state which has legalized cannabis. In California, marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational purposes. This means that you can possess, consume, and dive with cannabis legally. The only exception, in this case, is that you can only travel with cannabis within state borders, provided the CBD product you bought is packed in its original package. Also, you have to make sure that the packet or CBD container is sealed. This way, you will be able to drive with CBD within the state borders. 

Can I Drive Under the Influence of CBD? 

Legally, you cannot drive under the influence of cannabis. The law clearly states that driving under the influence of cannabis is a punishable offense. This law is quite similar to the one associated with driving under the influence of alcohol. So, we suggest that you consume CBD within the four walls of your house. 

In addition to this, you have to understand that each and every state has DUI laws. These laws may vary from state to state, but these laws regulate anything associated with driving under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. Proof that marijuana caused impairment or the presence of THC in blood samples will lead to suspension of the license for a first-time offense. So, make sure that you either consume CBD hours before driving or lay low and avoid driving after taking CBD.

How Can Cannabis Improve Your Daily Life?

We are always hunting for ways to make our lives healthier and happier. Consultations with a dietician, yoga classes, a session at soul cycle and whatnot. But, despite the many things we do, we are always looking around for new and interesting ways to improve our life. That’s why you are here reading this blog too. Or maybe you are just curious. Either way, I have a healthy solution for you. Here’s a hint- it is just a medical marijuana recommendation away. You guessed it right, cannabis can improve your life in many ways than you can imagine.

Not a lot of people are aware of how cannabis can be a healthy addition to the routine of not just medical patients but also regular people. When taken in the right amounts and after a consultation with a professional, you’ll see that cannabis can improve your level of health significantly. So without any delay, let’s take a look at the many ways in which cannabis can improve your daily life.

It’s a medical aid

In recent years, cannabis has evolved as a medical aid. Going by the scientific and anecdotal evidence, cannabis has been providing therapeutic benefits for people suffering from AIDS, cancer, seizures and even PTSD. So if you are a medical patient, you can consider using medical marijuana.

The state government of California recognizes the potential of cannabis as a medicine and legally allows people to buy and use cannabis for medical reasons. Every state has a list of conditions and symptoms that qualify for a medical card. You can find the information on the state government website and check if you qualify or not. Or just consult a medical marijuana doctor online or offline.

Help you get rid of everyday pain and aches

Cannabis is most commonly used as a pain reliever in healthcare. And this aspect can be helpful even in your daily life. With the modern lifestyle that never stops, it is very common for the body to feel tired, stiff and achy. But you don’t have to live with these everyday pains. With a little dose of cannabis, your body will relax and pain will go away as if it never existed.

Cannabis works by inhibiting pain signals. The cannabinoids (chemicals in cannabis) activate the CB receptors in the brain area which reduces the exchange of pain signals from the affected area to the brain. Another major cause of pain is inflammation and cannabis can help deal with it effectively. Inflammation is a response of the immune system to irritants and other contaminants in the body. But it is also the reason why redness and pain occur. Cannabis inhibits the response of the immune system and thus reduces pain by acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Better sleep

The modern lifestyle creates sleeping problems in many. You are either out of sleep because of stress or your sleep cycle is a mess. So instead of popping sleeping pills every day try cannabis. It can help you get back on track and not just sleep but have a deep sleep.

Cannabis is often used by patients of insomnia who find immediate relief. This is because cannabis has a sedative effect. The cannabinoids like THC and terpenes like myrcene and caryophyllene are very effective in helping you sleep. In addition to inducing sleep, cannabis also works by eliminating other factors that may be causing a hindrance in you achieving your good night’s rest. For example, muscle pain, stress and anxiety. So if you have trouble sleeping, help yourself with a dose of cannabis. Just remember to take a low amount or else the effects may be totally opposite of what you desire.

Improves your fitness regime

Are you a fitness freak? If yes, then cannabis can be your perfect partner.

A dose of cannabis before or after a workout can increase your productivity and recovery. Cannabis helps you focus and concentrate on your workout. So if you are lifting weights, a puff before a workout will put you in the zone and help your stay focused. It is also a great alternative to an energy booster. If you feel, skip your protein shake and use cannabis instead. Recovery is necessary after a workout. Cannabis can help relax the muscles, ease any body tension or pain and help you sleep better.

Along with workout, cannabis also helps maintain a healthy weight by checking your food intake. Whether you are looking to reduce your appetite or increase it, the right strains of cannabis can make it possible.

Balances the mental state

Stress, anxiety, depression and other negative feelings can severely affect daily life and routine. It can be very difficult to work with a disturbed mental state. And yet again, cannabis can rescue you from this situation.

Cannabis is psychoactive which means that it can affect your brain. And this manipulation of brain functions is how you receive all the therapeutic benefits. Your happy hormones like serotonin, endorphin and dopamine rise that induces positive and happy feelings. This is what cannabis consumers refer to as a ‘euphoric feeling’. With a small dose, you achieve a balanced mental state and all your negative emotions and feelings fade away.

It’s a storehouse of nutrition

There’s more to cannabis than cannabinoids and terpenes. It is a superfood with a number of nutrients that are essential for the body. It is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein and antioxidants. The best way to take advantage of these nutrients is to consume raw cannabis. You can do it by grinding the plant and eating it as a salad or add it into a smoothie or pressed juice. In addition to all the nutrients, raw cannabis will also give you the benefits of cannabinoid acid THCA and CBDA which have their own set of medicinal properties. These are the acidic forms of THC and CBD and are only found in raw cannabis.

Safer than alcohol

Cannabis is a safer alternative to alcohol. For starters, cannabis does not pose a risk of fatal overdose. Because by the time you reach a fatal dose, you will already be fast asleep. Secondly, alcohol consumption raises the risk of certain types of mouth and throat cancer. Cannabis, on the other hand, is used as a treatment for cancer as it is known to rescue the number of cancer-causing cells in the body. Regular use of alcohol is also damaging to the brain but cannabis in fact has neuroprotective properties.

So now you know that choosing cannabis is a step towards a healthy lifestyle. It can be a solution to a lot of problems in your life. Whether you are medically incapable or are a victim of the modern lifestyle, a small dose of cannabis can positively affect your life.

Cannabis Hangover: A Fact or A Fiction?

While some believe it to be true, for others, the Cannabis Hangover is still a questionable mystery. What side are you on?

Well, it doesn’t matter. Because cannabis hangover is actually a very real and common phenomenon. In fact, it happens more frequently than you think. And just like other hangovers, cannabis hangover also has a number of effects, ranging from headache to nausea to brain fog.

While the cannabis hangover isn’t a very big issue for most people, for some, it definitely is a problem. It makes many people skeptical of getting an MMJ card. 

But should you really worry about this? 

If you are thinking of getting a California medical marijuana recommendation, I don’t think you should hesitate just for the herb’s hangover effects. However, if still you are dicy, here are all the things you need to know in order to make a calculated decision.

The Research on Cannabis Hangover

The research on this subject is very little, which is not surprising given the fact that it is still in the category of schedule I drugs at the federal level. Having said that, a few studies definitely exist, which can help us understand the concept of cannabis hangover. 

An important study on the subject was published in the year 1985, which was conducted on only 13 people (all men). In this study, some participants were given a placebo, and others a marijuana joint with around 2.9 percent THC. After this, the researchers gave them a number of behavioral tasks, like card sorting, time production, and free recall, etc. Researchers again tested the subjects after a night’s sleep. And here, they noticed that there were some residual (hangover) effects in only those participants who were given cannabis. 

As per this study, we can say that cannabis does produce some hangover effects the very next day. However, the extent and precise nature of these effects remain undetermined. We can say that the results of this study are quite significant. However, the major drawback here is that the sample size was very low and undiversified.

There was another study on the subject that was conducted in 1998. And here too the sample size was very small, with just 10 participants- all men, again. This study suggests that the residual effects of cannabis after smoking one joint are minimal. 

While this also is a significant study, the small sample size, lack of diversity, and the effects of only a single joint makes this, too, inconclusive. 

You should note that the casual users who usually tell the tale of cannabis hangover consume at a much higher rate, especially while consuming edibles or other potent stuff. Though the results of the research until now match those anecdotal accounts, much deeper research is what we need right now to understand the hangover concept completely.

What’s the Reason Behind a Cannabis Hangover?

As per the experts, cannabis hangover, just like other hangovers, is a result of overconsumption. However, as the cannabis plant affects everyone differently, depending upon the strain, tolerance, body chemistry, THC level, etc., the concept of overconsumption is probably unique for everyone. For this very reason, experts say you should “keep it low and go slow” while consuming cannabis.

The users who claim to get a hangover from cannabis report that they consumed edibles or extracts. They say that they do not experience any such effects if they consume it via a traditional method, like a joint. Given this fact, we can say that this effect may be a result of a still lingering high from the last night, as the rate of metabolism with edibles is a lot slower. 

But whatever method you choose, it all comes down to keeping your dosage low in order to avoid these unpleasant effects.

How to Treat Cannabis Hangover Symptoms?

If you are thinking of getting a California medical marijuana recommendation, you should have the knowledge to treat the cannabis hangover symptoms, just for the sake of your safety.

Here are a few symptoms of cannabis hangover:

  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Dry Eyes
  • Nausea
  • Headache

But before we talk about how to treat these symptoms, you should note that these are based on consumers’ experiences only. And therefore, you should not consider them certain. However, the commonality in these anecdotal reports is probably enough to consider this conversation logical.

Let’s see how you can treat the most common symptoms of cannabis hangover.

How to treat Fatigue and Brain Fog?

If you are a regular cannabis or alcohol consumer, you probably know how a brain fog feels. That groggy and dizzy feeling makes the starting of your day so difficult. It’s that unpleasant feeling that you just want to snap out of. But it definitely isn’t that easy. However, there are a few ways you can get out of that crappy feeling.

  • Move: Laying in your bed and constantly staring at a screen probably isn’t gonna help with this feeling. So, just get up of your bed and get your body moving.
  • Take a Shower: Prefer taking a shower with fresh cool water. It will wake up your senses and relax your mind.
  • Eat Sensibly: Eat healthy and stay hydrated in order to keep your body nourished.
  • Drink Coffee: If you need an extra boost, you may try consuming coffee or some other caffeine-based product.

These methods may not completely resolve your sluggishness. However, it should help you get through your day a little bit more comfortably.

How to treat a headache?

Headache is also a very common symptom of cannabis hangover. And many users blame dehydration for this. However, again, we don’t have any solid evidence to support this theory. Having said that, there is actually a possibility of this, as when you consume too much cannabis, you may forget drinking enough liquids. And this may result in you sleeping dehydrated.

If you experience a headache after waking up, you may try temple massage, cold compresses, or OTC medicines, such as aspirin, etc. 

How to treat Nausea?

Nausea may seem to be somewhat less common, but it probably is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of cannabis hangover. If you wake up with nausea, try to let it ride out on itself. However, if it’s severe, stay hydrated, eat light foods and get some medications after consulting a doctor, if needed.

How to treat Red Eyes?

For cannabis consumers, red eyes or dry eyes is one of the most common symptoms, especially while consuming high THC strain. But this clears up very quickly. However, if you have red eyes the next day too, you may consider using some good quality eye drops to restore the moisture and soothe your redness.

Now, that you know about what a cannabis hangover is, I think, you can apply for a California medical marijuana recommendation without any worries. But if you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain – Is it Therapeutically Effective?

Imagine what it would be like if you fell from stairs and hurt your knee? Of course, it would be painful. I know the feeling myself. But that’s not the point. What I mean is that you always rush to a pharmacy store and look for over the counter pain-relievers. Don’t even try to deny it. But, cases of opioid addictions have led to a switch from conventional prescriptions to medical marijuana recommendations. Although this may be true but is medical marijuana for chronic pain a good match?

Just keep reading, and I will lead you to every critical detail that you must be aware of. 

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain- How Does it Work?

Medical marijuana contains a plethora of compounds meant for different purposes for the plant itself. However, when they get into a human system, the primary function is to produce effects that will impact biological function. And in this case, it would affect pain signals traveling across different systems. 

Have you ever noticed how medical marijuana helps to relieve your painful symptoms? Your answer is right here.

The components of marijuana, primarily THC and CBD, interact with different receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). And this results in a cascade of events that results in combating stressful factors leading to pain. For instance, THC activates the body’s reward system and helps you to feel minimal pain. On the other hand, CBD does not produce any intoxicating effects even after interacting with pain receptors to exert analgesic or anti-inflammatory effects. 

Research Studies- What’s The Score?

A lot of studies are looking into finding the possibilities of medical marijuana as an effective pain reliever. They are studying the effects of CBD and THC alone and how they might be useful when combined together. For example, a 2015 review looked into the use of marijuana and its cannabinoids as an effective pain reliever in situations of neuropathy. And the results turned out to be promising. 

Another research paper talked about the use of marijuana in cancer pain. They found that there was a 60% reduction in opioid use with an improvement in the quality of life. A few others found that medical marijuana was effective in producing effects essential for general well being. Not to mention, in the case of migraines, it could decrease migraine episodes after using cannabis with an online medical marijuana recommendation.

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain- Is it More Potent Than Opioids?

We already told you earlier, the use of opioids is impacting the patients pretty severely. Opioid addictions are no longer a regional issue. In fact, more than 9 million cases have already been recorded in the USA alone. Consequently, the death toll is also exponentially rising day-by-day. So, its pretty apparent doctors and patients would look into options that might have a long-term benefit. 

Ok, I know what you are thinking. Since we are talking about marijuana, it’s natural that we will talk about its efficacy in comparison with opioids. Well, wasn’t that the whole point? 


To begin with, surveys showed that more than 30% of cannabis users were able to reduce opioids usage. As a matter of fact, more than 80% of subjects strongly agreed that medical marijuana was way more effective than opioids. Also, recently, a study found that flavins present in cannabis are 30 times more effective than aspirin. Isn’t that amazing? 

Aren’t you eager to find your medical marijuana recommendation right away? But wait, there’s more. 

These studies and results concerning medical marijuana are mostly based on pre-clinical trials. So, there is a need for full-fledged research into this niche. One needs to understand that different aspects might affect a patient in an entirely different way. For instance, 

  • What type of marijuana works best for chronic pain?
  • What are the effective methods of delivery?
  • What marijuana is good for chronic pain?

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain- How Does it Work? Points Often Overlooked 

There are some downsides to marijuana, as well. You must be aware of its intoxicating effects before starting your search for the best medical marijuana strains with your medical marijuana recommendation. For example, smoking might result in respiratory issues. And if you are into THC rich strains, euphoria might hit you hard. So, consulting a doctor before must be a priority. 

Evidence indicates its exemplary medicinal effects against painful symptoms. The side effects are minimal as compared to opioids. But, before we go into that, make sure you have a qualifying medical condition to get a medical marijuana card.