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Latest Study Throws More Light on Using Cannabis For Migraines

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, 1 in every 4 US households suffers from migraines. Globally, the number reaches one billion. Well, the latest data shows that nearly 30% of migraine patients are using cannabis for relief and nearly 85% of them find it effective. MMJ Card is a popular option to access cannabis legally. Well, if your card expired, you can get a medical marijuana card renewal to extend your access by another year. 

As per the data collected by the Migraine Buddy, a global tracking app that records the intensity and frequency of attacks, people used different methods to ingest cannabis. Each method was effective and there was nothing like one is better than the other. 

A Look at Some Studies

The information mentioned above just points to the effectiveness of using the herb for managing migraines. Well, there are more studies that show the same. According to a study by Brain Sciences, regular cannabis use reduces the frequency of migraine attacks. This also results in lower antimigraine medicine intake and fewer disabilities. Another study published in the Journal of Pain showed that cannabis reduced migraine and headache severity by almost half. Another study showed that if you ingest cannabis with THC levels greater than 10%, the patients are able to manage their pain more effectively. 

Other Methods Are Not Effective

According to experts, migraines affect millions of Americans and most cases are treated using conventional therapies. Some therapies work but if you use prescription medicines, they come with a host of harmful side-effects. So, cannabis serves as a safer option to use cannabis. It’s natural and does not come with harmful side-effects. 

Using Cannabis For Migraine Pain

Cannabis is a storehouse of hundreds of compounds. These compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and sketch the necessary effects on the human body. ECS is a neural network of endocannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors that are spread throughout the human body. There are more mainly two kinds of receptors: CB1 and CB2. CB1 is increasingly present in the nervous system and shows an increased binding affinity to THC. CB2 receptors are not that prominent in the nervous system but are present in other parts of the body like the immune system. CBD does not interact much with the receptors in the brain but influences the receptors in other parts of the body. 

The interaction of THC with the receptors results in the feeling of high that relaxes you. Similarly, CBD produces relaxing effects too and prevents any unwanted intoxication that comes with THC. Both these active compounds have potent anti-inflammatory properties that work great in managing pain. So, cannabis works by channeling a flow of feel-good hormones in the body. This brings a sense of balance and erases any mental friction. The herb also changes the way your brain responds to pain. As a result, you feel relaxed. People dealing with migraines feel stressed and anxious. So, cannabis works by keeping you stress-free. 

Which is The Right Way to Use Cannabis?

Since we are battling a pandemic, we need to reanalyze our behaviors. The same holds for cannabis. Most people prefer smoking cannabis but experts feel that it is not a safe practice. That’s because COVID-19 is a pulmonary disease and it directly affects the lungs. Since smoking inflames the lungs, it can increase the risk of contracting the virus. Smoking also leads to dry cough which is a major symptom of COVID-19. So, during your diagnosis. the doctors might have a hard time finding if the cough is because of the virus or smoking. So, you just need to be a bit more responsible and avoid any risky behavior. 

You should explore other options for ingesting cannabis like edibles, oils, sprays, tinctures, sublingual, etc. They are safer and do not carry the side-effects of smoking. If you are using tinctures, you just need to place a drop under the tongue and it gets directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Edibles are also a very popular choice that people use. Well, you just need to be a bit careful with them because they hit you late and can take anywhere between 1-2 hours to produce effects. So, if you eat more than you should, they will leave you paranoid. Obviously, you wouldn’t want that. You can easily find good edibles in dispensaries. You just need to have an MMJ card to access it. If it is about to expire, you can get medical marijuana card renewal and extend your access. 

The Right Dose is Very Important

When you are using cannabis to manage a condition like a migraine, you should pay attention to the dose you are taking. That’s because every person comes with a unique set of experiences. Tolerance is not the same. Naturally, a seasoned cannabis user would have a high tolerance than someone who is a beginner.  The aim is to figure out a dose that induces mild relaxing effects. This works great in subsiding migraine pain. If you ingest too much, it will cause paranoia and make things worse. 

A better idea is to contact a certified cannabis doctor and take guidance. The doctor can screen your health and present you with a customized line of treatment. The cannabis doctor will help you figure out a dose that works for your body. The doctor might ask you some questions to get a better understanding of your health. You should be transparent as it aids in better analysis. Tell them a bit about your health history and any medications that you are using. Migraine can have a variety of causes. So, the doctor can inform you about using the right strategy for your health. The expert will also educate you about using the right strain along with the dosage. So, through their guidance, you can proceed with a better insight into your therapy. 

Get a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

You wouldn’t like any barrier in your access to cannabis. So, if your MMJ card is about to expire, get your renewal on time. You have two options for the same. You can either choose to get it from the same clinic that provided you with an MMJ recommendation or find a new one. If you choose the second route, you’ll have to do some research and analyze the ratings before you make a decision. Just make sure you contact the clinic 30 days before your expiry. This will leave you with a comfortable window to access it on time. Once you find the right one, proceed with the simple process to get your card. 

1) Contact The Clinic

Contact the clinic at least 30 days before your expiry. Apply online by visiting their website and submit your details. The clinic will go through your details and link you to a certified cannabis doctor. 

2) Talk to The Doctor

The doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your health progress. He or she will check how cannabis has enhanced your health in the past year and if you still need access to the herb for another year. 

3) Get Your Renewal

If your condition demands the use and the doctor approves your request, you can get a medical marijuana card renewal with ease. The clinic will send the digital copy of your recommendation via email and a hard copy upon request. 

With a renewal, you can access cannabis for another year and use it to manage your migraines. Dose safely and follow all the safety measures considering the risk of COVID-19.