Which States in The US Have The Best Marijuana Dispensaries?

Medical cannabis is now legal in the US in 33 states. And out of these, 15 allow the recreational use of the herb too. But despite this, a cannabis user can only buy the herb from a designated dispensary. Cannabis is not like any other traditional medicine, obviously. And thus, its sale is also unique.

But do you know, not all cannabis dispensaries are the same? Obviously, the rules regarding the herb differ from state to state. Yet, if we compare the dispensaries on some common grounds, some places are better than the others.

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of states of the US with the best marijuana dispensaries. In this post, we’ve also discussed what actually makes these states unique. So, let’s discuss.


California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis in the year 1996. This means the people of California are buying cannabis from marijuana dispensaries for around 25 years. Now, this has been a lot in favor of marijuana businesses in the state, as they got a head start. Due to this only, marijuana dispensaries in California are one of the most organized and well-developed.

Dispensaries in California are very easily accessible, especially since the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018. The staff is well trained and extremely friendly. Also, most dispensaries in the state have a very nice collection of strains and products, which means all your needs will be met. I personally have tried San Bernardino medical marijuana, which is of the highest quality. 

In addition to this, the friendly nature of dispensaries in California makes it a great destination for marijuana tourists too. If you visit California, here are some of the coolest cannabis dispensaries in the state you should definitely visit.


Oregon, even if a new cannabis-friendly state, is surfacing as an example of how the right marijuana legalization looks like. The state is surely one of the most swiftly growing cannabis states in the US. Oregon is currently generating a record-breaking marijuana income.

Marijuana dispensaries in Oregon are also one of the best around the US. The state has on average 16.5 dispensaries per 100 thousand people. This is the highest per capita dispensaries in any of the US states. There are some huge dispensaries in Oregon with a staff that is knowledgeable and friendly. Also, the thing that goes in the favor of the state the most is that it shares its border with some anti-cannabis areas too. And by offering recreational cannabis to the tourists from these areas, it is able to generate even more revenue.


Recreational cannabis in Colorado is legal since 2012. In fact, Colorado was the first state to legalize adult-use cannabis. Given this, the state has a significant number of recreational marijuana dispensaries. Well, I have personally visited the dispensaries in Denver and Boulder. And the experience was extremely smooth.

Cannabis dispensaries in Colorado have a very well trained and educated staff that first try to understand your needs and then helps you find the best products. The overall mood inside a dispensary in the state is also very casual, given it’s been a long time since the herb was legalized here. All in all, Colorado is a great state in terms of marijuana dispensaries.


Michigan is again a state with both medical and recreational cannabis legal. And in the year 2020, the state’s sale of cannabis products is expected to worth $1.2 billion. This shows the efficiency of the marijuana distribution system in Michigan.

Cannabis dispensaries in Michigan are known for their top quality products, attentive staff, and affordable prices. The dispensaries in the state hire only the people who have a decent knowledge of marijuana so that they could offer you a wholesome experience during your trip. Also, cannabis policies in the state are mostly in favor of consumers, making it a lot less worrisome for people to visit cannabis dispensaries. Overall, Michigan offers a great cannabis dispensary experience to the consumers.

A Beginners Guide To Growing Marijuana At Home

You might have just got your hands on a medical marijuana card online and might be wondering about how you can start your cannabis journey.  Especially since there are just so many options available in the market at this time. 

Growing your own cannabis is a great way to save money and actually concentrate on what you want to grow. The strain is in your hands and so is how you choose to grow cannabis. This is also the only way one can be sure that the whole process is free of any pesticides or other additive. 

So, what are the things you need to have on hand before growing your cannabis? 

Sort Your Equipment

First and foremost you need a place to grow. The best option available in the market are grow tents. They are inexpensive and depending on your growing cycles packed up and put away. Plus, there are just so many options available to choose from for your perfect grow tent. 

As a beginner, our advice to you would be to purchase a simple tent and then level up as you get better. 

The second thing you need to get is grow lights. There are many options available in the market. Our favorite options are HID (high-intensity discharge), HPS(high-pressure sodium), MH(metal halide), LED(light-emitting diode) and CFL (compact fluorescent). Just ensure whichever you end choosing is strong enough to light up the tent and also at the same time get a decent timer that can regulate the timings of your lights. 

To control the heat and humidity you might also require an exhaust fan and carbon filter, so be prepared for that as well. A circulating fan is the best investment as it will ensure that the air keeps moving. Additionally, a thermometer/hygrometer is a great way to keep a close watch on the humidity and temperature. 

Time To Grow Cannabis

You can either get your seeds and clones from a dispensary or your friends. If neither option is available to you, just hop online and get some via mail. It might be legal to grow cannabis but you are best served if you stay discreet about your hobby. 

When it comes to the soil, keep it airy and loose. 3-5 gallon buckets are great for people starting out and your chances for success are higher than using a hydroponic system. Do remember to get all kinds of nutrients for your soil. 

Once you have planted them, time to move onto the next step. 

Nourish The Plant

Lower all your reflectors. Your plant should never go on a search for light. The lights need to be instead adjusted as the plants grow. Set your timer in a manner that there is light for 18 hours and darkness for 6 hours. 

In this setup, plants will grow leaves and branches but no flowers (unless they are the auto-flowering kind).   

Two things to avoid are overfeeding and overwatering the plant. Marijuana plants prefer their roots to have a wet/dry cycle.  So, take care of that. 

Pruning is a Good Way to Get a Higher Yield

Prune early and do it often. Cut or pinch branches right above the node where new shoots show up. If you keep up with this process you will end up with a plant that looks like bonsai bush and a lot of buds but not too much space between them. 

This will ensure that you have a plant providing you with a higher yield while occupying the same amount of space, 

Be Smart About The Flowers

When you are growing indoors it is completely in your hands when the plant flowers. Check the space you have and accordingly make the choice. The moment you have decided to make your plant flower just set the lights to a 12 hour on/off period. At no time do you switch on the lights during the off-time as that may confuse the plant. 

Cannabis is not a tough plant to grow but there is a slight learning curve that comes along with it. Which is why it is advised that for the first couple of times-keep it simple. Once you get the hang of it you can try out more variations in the growing process.