Cannabis Hangover: A Fact or A Fiction?

While some believe it to be true, for others, the Cannabis Hangover is still a questionable mystery. What side are you on?

Well, it doesn’t matter. Because cannabis hangover is actually a very real and common phenomenon. In fact, it happens more frequently than you think. And just like other hangovers, cannabis hangover also has a number of effects, ranging from headache to nausea to brain fog.

While the cannabis hangover isn’t a very big issue for most people, for some, it definitely is a problem. It makes many people skeptical of getting an MMJ card. 

But should you really worry about this? 

If you are thinking of getting a California medical marijuana recommendation, I don’t think you should hesitate just for the herb’s hangover effects. However, if still you are dicy, here are all the things you need to know in order to make a calculated decision.

The Research on Cannabis Hangover

The research on this subject is very little, which is not surprising given the fact that it is still in the category of schedule I drugs at the federal level. Having said that, a few studies definitely exist, which can help us understand the concept of cannabis hangover. 

An important study on the subject was published in the year 1985, which was conducted on only 13 people (all men). In this study, some participants were given a placebo, and others a marijuana joint with around 2.9 percent THC. After this, the researchers gave them a number of behavioral tasks, like card sorting, time production, and free recall, etc. Researchers again tested the subjects after a night’s sleep. And here, they noticed that there were some residual (hangover) effects in only those participants who were given cannabis. 

As per this study, we can say that cannabis does produce some hangover effects the very next day. However, the extent and precise nature of these effects remain undetermined. We can say that the results of this study are quite significant. However, the major drawback here is that the sample size was very low and undiversified.

There was another study on the subject that was conducted in 1998. And here too the sample size was very small, with just 10 participants- all men, again. This study suggests that the residual effects of cannabis after smoking one joint are minimal. 

While this also is a significant study, the small sample size, lack of diversity, and the effects of only a single joint makes this, too, inconclusive. 

You should note that the casual users who usually tell the tale of cannabis hangover consume at a much higher rate, especially while consuming edibles or other potent stuff. Though the results of the research until now match those anecdotal accounts, much deeper research is what we need right now to understand the hangover concept completely.

What’s the Reason Behind a Cannabis Hangover?

As per the experts, cannabis hangover, just like other hangovers, is a result of overconsumption. However, as the cannabis plant affects everyone differently, depending upon the strain, tolerance, body chemistry, THC level, etc., the concept of overconsumption is probably unique for everyone. For this very reason, experts say you should “keep it low and go slow” while consuming cannabis.

The users who claim to get a hangover from cannabis report that they consumed edibles or extracts. They say that they do not experience any such effects if they consume it via a traditional method, like a joint. Given this fact, we can say that this effect may be a result of a still lingering high from the last night, as the rate of metabolism with edibles is a lot slower. 

But whatever method you choose, it all comes down to keeping your dosage low in order to avoid these unpleasant effects.

How to Treat Cannabis Hangover Symptoms?

If you are thinking of getting a California medical marijuana recommendation, you should have the knowledge to treat the cannabis hangover symptoms, just for the sake of your safety.

Here are a few symptoms of cannabis hangover:

  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Dry Eyes
  • Nausea
  • Headache

But before we talk about how to treat these symptoms, you should note that these are based on consumers’ experiences only. And therefore, you should not consider them certain. However, the commonality in these anecdotal reports is probably enough to consider this conversation logical.

Let’s see how you can treat the most common symptoms of cannabis hangover.

How to treat Fatigue and Brain Fog?

If you are a regular cannabis or alcohol consumer, you probably know how a brain fog feels. That groggy and dizzy feeling makes the starting of your day so difficult. It’s that unpleasant feeling that you just want to snap out of. But it definitely isn’t that easy. However, there are a few ways you can get out of that crappy feeling.

  • Move: Laying in your bed and constantly staring at a screen probably isn’t gonna help with this feeling. So, just get up of your bed and get your body moving.
  • Take a Shower: Prefer taking a shower with fresh cool water. It will wake up your senses and relax your mind.
  • Eat Sensibly: Eat healthy and stay hydrated in order to keep your body nourished.
  • Drink Coffee: If you need an extra boost, you may try consuming coffee or some other caffeine-based product.

These methods may not completely resolve your sluggishness. However, it should help you get through your day a little bit more comfortably.

How to treat a headache?

Headache is also a very common symptom of cannabis hangover. And many users blame dehydration for this. However, again, we don’t have any solid evidence to support this theory. Having said that, there is actually a possibility of this, as when you consume too much cannabis, you may forget drinking enough liquids. And this may result in you sleeping dehydrated.

If you experience a headache after waking up, you may try temple massage, cold compresses, or OTC medicines, such as aspirin, etc. 

How to treat Nausea?

Nausea may seem to be somewhat less common, but it probably is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of cannabis hangover. If you wake up with nausea, try to let it ride out on itself. However, if it’s severe, stay hydrated, eat light foods and get some medications after consulting a doctor, if needed.

How to treat Red Eyes?

For cannabis consumers, red eyes or dry eyes is one of the most common symptoms, especially while consuming high THC strain. But this clears up very quickly. However, if you have red eyes the next day too, you may consider using some good quality eye drops to restore the moisture and soothe your redness.

Now, that you know about what a cannabis hangover is, I think, you can apply for a California medical marijuana recommendation without any worries. But if you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

How To Choose Your Perfect Cannabis Delivery Method?

While getting an online medical marijuana recommendation is easy, it may not be as simple after that. A beginner will have to make a lot of choices while dealing with matters related to cannabis. Which strain to use? How much to dose? And most importantly, how to consume marijuana? 

Cannabis can be introduced to the body in different ways. These are called delivery methods. For example, the most common method is smoking. Most people don’t even know any other way than puffing a joint. However, there are other ways of cannabis delivery methods too like edibles, topicals, sublingual, patches, etc. Each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This is why not all people have the same delivery method. It is all about preference. 

But how do you even choose a method that suits you perfectly? For that, you will have to ask yourself some questions. This will give you all the factors that will help you determine which one to choose. 

So take a seat and ask yourself the following questions. 

Is it convenient?

Most people who use cannabis look for convenience. They would love for the delivery method to be as easy as possible. Then there are others who don’t mind some effort. 

For example, a pre-rolled joint only involves a lighter to light it up and puff your way towards a high. Similarly, vape pens are very convenient. With the touch of a button, the pen heats up and produces potent vapes. You even get to choose between a rechargeable and disposable vape pen. On the contrary, some methods like dabbing and bongs involve a proper apparatus. 

You must also consider the price of everything. Is the apparatus or the type of cannabis affordable for you or not? Most importantly, is everything involved in your delivery method easily available in your area or dispensary? Not all stores have every concentrate or strains available. So make sure to consult them before making a decision. 

What level of potency do you want?

Every person has different reasons for using cannabis. While you may need it for pain, others may be using it for enjoyment. Each of their requirements of potency will vary accordingly. 

You may think that potency of effects depends on the choice of strain. While it is true, the choice of delivery method can play an equal part in determining the strength of effects. This has a lot to do with different body processes involved with different consumption methods. 

For example, edibles can deliver stronger effects than smoking. This happens because the liver converts the THC in edibles to 11-hydroxy-THC which is a more potent form of THC. As a result, the user may feel a stronger high in comparison to smoking. 

This process also causes edibles to last longer than smoking. So you may also want to consider the duration of the effects that you need. 

How quickly do you want to see the results?

Every delivery method works at its own pace.  While some methods work instantly, others can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. This is because of the way your body works. 

Smoking and vaping work in a matter of seconds. You feel the effects immediately after a couple of drags. Sublingual may take a few minutes to show effects. Then there are edibles who may take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to work. 

If you are suffering from a medical condition, it is best to consult a marijuana doctor for guidance. They will help you narrow down your best options and make the correct choice as per your needs. 

Do you want to be discreet?

Some delivery methods may need you to measure the perfect dose or maybe have a big glass apparatus like a water pipe for consumption. Some even leave a distinct odor after consumption. For example, cannabis smoke from a joint may stick to your clothes and hair or linger in your room. You may even need to ensure proper ventilation before lighting up a joint. This may take away the discreteness of a delivery method. 

Most people who live with families or like to keep their cannabis business private do not like such giveaways. They prefer more discrete ways like transdermal patches, tinctures, and edibles. You just consume them once and leave the rest to your body and time. 

What disadvantages are you looking at?

As I have mentioned earlier, every delivery method has its set of advantages and disadvantages. Focusing on the latter, it is possible that long use of certain methods may cause side effects or may have a drawback.  In such a case, you would have to choose one that seems more reasonable. 

For example, smoking is often related to respiratory problems and side effects like coughing and sore throat. Higher combustion levels involved in smoking may also not give you the benefits of a strain’s terpene profile.  Vaping is vulnerable to counterfeit vape pens that may have harmful substances in it. Edibles cause the risk of overdosing and cannabis hangover, especially among beginners. Some people may have dietary restrictions that may not allow the use of edibles. And topicals only give a targeted relief on the area it is applied. 

Does it suit your lifestyle?

Before you make a final decision about your choice of delivery method, make sure that it aligns with your lifestyle. If you are always surrounded by people, you would not want to smoke on their faces. Similarly, if you have children and elders around you, edibles can be a risky choice if not stored properly. They may confuse it with a snack and consume it accidentally. 

If your work involves focus and alertness like driving or construction work, potent methods can be a wrong choice. Since higher potency means less focus and perception of things around you and a more euphoric feeling. However, it is safer if your strain has a higher CBD ratio as it is not intoxicating. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing a delivery method is very important to achieve the best experience. So take some time to use these questions to narrow down a method that will be your perfect match. Once you are done choosing, do not forget to do your due research.

In addition to the fundamentals of cannabis, learn about the delivery method too. Every way has its own list of precautions and responsibilities that need to be taken care of. This is to ensure that you get the best effects but without compromising safety. Follow all the guidelines and enjoy the best of cannabis.

Bust Your Stress With The Help of Cannabis

Medical cannabis can be used to help people deal with various health conditions such as arthritis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, cancer, and many more. Cannabis has come out to be an effective medicine to manage symptoms related to many health conditions. This also includes stress, anxiety, and depression. You can buy medical cannabis for your condition after getting a medical marijuana card online. This card allows you to buy medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary.

Now, when it comes to stress, we can safely say that it is one of the worst feelings that we all can relate to. It can start with even the smallest of the issues, and disturb many parts of your life. Many people feel stressed these days. Data suggests that eight out of ten Americans frequently feel stressed. It can steal your peace of mind, and alter your ability to function properly, and can eventually lead to depression and other health issues as it can weaken your immune system and brain function. 

There are many things that people try to manage stress like yoga, meditation, exercise, relaxation exercise. But, one more popular remedy for stress is cannabis. With cannabis, you can take your self-care game to another level. You can use cannabis along with your already-established routine to manage stress. The medical benefits of cannabis can help you in managing your stress to a great extent. And, while you are thinking of using cannabis to bust your stress, here are a few things you must learn about. 

1. Start with CBD

Cannabis contains over 100 compounds, but two main compounds are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Both are beneficial for us but have different effects. While THC is known for its psychoactive effects (the “high” associated with cannabis), CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. This means you won’t get high after consuming CBD. 

CBD has calming effects and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also be used to treat spasms and seizures. One of the benefits of CBD is that it can help in reducing stress as it works with the endocannabinoid system. It can bolster the anti-stress properties without getting you high.

2. Pay attention to terpenes

Just like any other plant, cannabis plants have aromatic oils in them, and these oils are called terpenes. These terpenes are the reason behind certain effects of cannabis strains. If you are looking for a calming high, choose a strain that contains linalool, caryophyllene, or myrcene. But, be careful when using myrcene, do not overdose with it, or else you will get couch-locked due to its sedative effects. So, get familiar with the terpene profile of the strain you want to use.

3. Be experimental when it comes to dosing

This is the first rule that you must remember at all costs when it comes to consuming cannabis, always start with a small dose. Sometimes you just need 5mg or even less to make your stress go away. Small doses, or microdoses, are a great way to reap the benefits of cannabis without getting too high. And while it is personal and subjective to choose the correct dosage when microdosing, it is recommended to begin with 2.5mg. And then start increasing your dose slowly according to the buzz you feel.

And, if you are a beginner, choosing cannabis edibles or tinctures can be a better way to consume cannabis for stress. You can easily over-consume cannabis when you smoke flower or use vape. While on the other hand, you can be sure of the concentration you are getting with edibles or tinctures. Also, if you have some experience with cannabis, and had a long day, consuming a larger dose of your flower can be a better option. It will help you feel relaxed and chill out. Choose whatever suits you. Although, starting with a low dose is always a better option.

4. Smoking your bud is not the only way to consume it

There are various in which you can consume cannabis. As I mentioned above, choosing cannabis edibles and tinctures can be a safer way to consume cannabis than smoking it. Many people choose smoke-free options because of their health issues, or they simply do not like smoking. Even vaping is a better option than smoking for health-conscious people. Some other methods of consuming cannabis are eating cannabis edibles, tinctures, or capsules. 

There are many cannabis strains, and each strain offers unique effects due to different concentrations of THC. And if you smoke too much, it can result in an unpleasant high, which no one likes. But don’t worry, with tinctures and edibles, you can predict the concentration. For example, if the packaging says 10mg per gummy, you can be sure that you are consuming 10mg per gummy. The same goes for tinctures. So, it becomes easier to get familiar with the accurate dosing with these methods. These are especially helpful for beginners

5. Find the right strain for yourself

It is very important to choose the right strain when it comes to managing your stress. Or the effects can be unpleasant. It is always better to visit a reputable source to get high-quality and state-tested cannabis strain. There are many strains that can help you in managing stress. Some of the best ones are –


Cannatonic is a perfect strain for beginners as it contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. This ratio also makes it a great choice against stress.

Sour Diesel

Also known as Sour D, Sour Diesel is one of the most popular and unique hybrid strains. This Sativa dominant offers a dreamy and energetic high. Sour D can help people in dealing with stress and anxiety and can get you through the day.

Green Crack

This strain has exceptional energy-boosting properties and offers euphoric uplifting effects. Green Crack will make all the symptoms of stress and depression go away, and will uplift your spirits. It will also provide you mental clarity that will allow you to do your daily activities without making you feel lethargic.

Royal Jack

Royal Jack is also a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that is known for its cerebral elevation of Sativa and the mellow effects of Indica. It will help your mind relax while making you forget about stress.

Grape God

Grape God is a combination of two amazing cannabis strains, Grapefruit, and God Bud. This potent hybrid will alleviate the symptoms of stress and will make you feel relaxed. It has an earthly flavor that will give a pleasant smoking experience.

Weed Microdosing: A Passing Trend or Really Beneficial?

In the middle of a time when everyone is obsessed with more and more potent weed, there are a lot of people who are turning to the opposite direction too. Many are advocating the benefits of consuming less, a concept called “microdosing.” 

But why?

See, many cannabis consumers find it very difficult to manage a high THC strain, especially in the beginning. Their bodies just don’t allow it. And so, they look for some better alternatives. 

And here enters the weed microdosing.

But what exactly is this microdosing? Is it just another passing trend or does it have any real benefits? And if yes, should you try it or not?

If you are looking for a medical marijuana card in San Bernardino, I think this information is quite important for you. So, just stick with us, and we’ll clear all your doubts about cannabis microdosing.

Let’s start then.

What is Weed MicroDosing?

To put it simply, weed microdosing is the concept of consuming a very less amount of cannabis. The main idea behind this is to consume tiny amounts of cannabis multiple times in a day in order to obtain only the medicinal benefits of the herb and avoid any psychoactive effects.

Now, when we are talking about a tiny dose here, we mean the amount lesser than that can produce some identifiable psychic effects. So theoretically, by microdosing, you will be able to enjoy the medicinal benefits of the plant without feeling any psychological effects on your mind. A correct microdose of cannabis will not make you feel high.

Many cannabis experts believe that cannabis microdosing can have some amazing effects on our health. It can help us reduce pain, promote sleep, improve mood, and increase creativity. Also, it can be a perfect way to introduce the herb to a newbie.


While the use of cannabis is at its all-time high now, people still don’t know much about microdosing. Many users indulge in overconsumption from the beginning itself. But overconsumption usually leads to the effects that are totally opposite to what they were seeking in the first place. And this makes them skeptical of using the herb again.

However, with microdosing, we don’t need to worry about any such negative effects. It is a very sensible option here and has the potential to become the next big thing in the cannabis world.

Things to Know Before Microdosing

A typical microdose of cannabis should contain anywhere between 2 and 5mg of THC. However, if you think you have a better tolerance, you may take up to 10mg too. Every person has a different system. And if you are an experienced consumer, you probably know that cannabis acts differently on different people. Thus, there is no single dose that works for everyone. People argue that 10mg is a good dose for a novice. However, to be safe, prefer not to go beyond 5 mg if you are new to this.

You should also note that measuring your THC with 100 percent accuracy isn’t really possible. Your consumption method plays a very important role in determining how much THC is getting introduced into your bloodstream. For instance, by consuming cannabis through vaporizing you consume more cannabinoids, as compared to edibles.

Also, if possible, avoid smoking while microdosing. First of all, combustion can destroy the cannabinoids that are typically very helpful for you. And secondly, sometimes even a single puff can exceed the dosage you were targeting for. And therefore, smoking isn’t a very reliable method while microdosing.

Correct Way of Microdosing on Weed

If you are new to cannabis consumption, as discussed above, you shouldn’t be taking more than 5mg of THC. In fact, stick to the lowest number in the beginning, i.e. 2mg. 

Consume a 2mg of THC dose and wait for some time to see if you feel anything or not. Remember, edibles may take a longer time to show its effects. Now, depending on what you experienced with the first microdose, you can take this several times a day. But make sure you don’t consume more than 10 to 15 mg on the first day itself.

If the first day was good, continue this for two more days. Then, if you don’t see any noticeable effects after three days, you may increase the dose by 1mg with each hit. But if you start feeling high and intoxicated, the dose was too much. And so, it’s better to lower it.

If you are already an experienced user, before starting microdosing, we recommend you take a break for a few days (depending on your experience level) to lower your tolerance first. Rest of the process is same for you too.

Benefits Of Weed Microdosing

Weed Microdosing can be beneficial in various different conditions. Let’s discuss a few.

Chronic Pain

A study conducted in 2013 examined the effects of cannabis microdosing on pain. The experts found that cannabis in low quantities can be really beneficial for people suffering from pain. 

Another study from 2012 analyzed the difference between high and low cannabis dosage on patients suffering from pain. The research stated that patients who were given a low dosage showed a much more significant improvement in their condition, as compared to the higher dosage patients.

Depression and Anxiety

Weed, in general, is quite famous for its properties to combat depression and anxiety. However, it is seen that a high dosage of cannabis can actually have very opposite effects. And thus, microdosing is a much better option here, which can provide the benefits of the herb without causing any side effects.


Have you ever heard about cannabis for ADHD? If you are an experienced user, you probably have. The research has shown that cannabis can be really amazing in helping people manage their ADHD symptoms.

However, there is one small problem here- parents don’t want their kids to get high, obviously. And thus, microdosing makes perfect sense here. And it’s not for kids only. A 2017 research analysed the effects of low cannabis dose on adult ADHD patients too. And here too the results were extremely positive.

Is there any Risk Involved?

Weed microdosing does have amazing benefits. However, it’s not totally risk-free. Though microdosing doesn’t get you high, it still can impair your judgement sometimes. And thus, driving probably isn’t a very good idea if you are on microdosing.

Another thing you should note here is that it doesn’t save you from drug screening. Even a small amount of THC can show up in a drug test if you are a consistent user. And so, if your employer isn’t okay with your weed consumption, you may even lose your job.

But looking at the benefits microdosing has, I think these risks can easily be ignored.

Bottom Line

In the end, we can confidently say that microdosing has some amazing benefits in the bucket, especially for new users who are just getting into the game. You’re getting healthy, you’re saving money, and you’re not getting high. What else do you need? So if you are thinking of trying cannabis microdosing, just don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it.

How cannabis might help you cope up with the COVID-19 pandemic

I am sure by now you are tired of listening to the Coronavirus news, reading the articles and most of us want a break from the COVID-19 relationship. But whether you like it or not, this virus is one of the biggest threats that the world faces today. We have to keep ourselves up-do-date while millions of people are affected worldwide and sadly thousands of them have already died. 

We also have to face the fact that this pandemic has had a devastating impact on many families and changed society as a whole. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 will also act as a breeding ground for fake news. Which by far is spreading rapidly and chances are some of you might end up believing fake information. So, in the wake of fake news spread you have to be cautious and ignore everything that comes from an untrustworthy source. 

So far, you might have read that coronavirus can be treated with the help of hemp, THC, or CBD. And you might feel like we are talking about the same topic. But trust us we are not. In fact, we are here to tell you that coronavirus cannot treat the COVID19 virus. Or else you can purchase recreational cannabis with the help of an online medical marijuana card in a non-legal state. So, before we dive into anything else let us help you find the answers to the major questions. 

Can marijuana help prevent the symptoms of COVID-19?

We will not waste any time here because marijuana cannot treat the coronavirus. You have to ignore anything you come across over the internet or on through social media channels. There is absolutely no evidence regarding cannabis treating the coronavirus. In fact, we still don’t have any available vaccine and we might have to wait until next year or the end of this year to receive the actual cure. We also hope that an antiviral comes along as soon as possible. This will help lower the burden that currently our healthcare system faces. 

In addition, scientists have not had enough time to research. The pandemic struck the world by surprise and sadly it continues to affect thousands of lives. In the wake of the crisis, many experts have come up with several theories. However, these are just claims and full proof clinical studies are required to come up with a final cure. Also, bear in mind that even studies related to cannabis are limited. We must wait for the best scientific minds to come up with a concrete solution. As of now, cannabis is definitely not the answer for coronavirus treatment. 

Stay Wary of Scammers 

As we mentioned earlier, coronavirus has become a breeding ground for scammers. In order to curb false activities in the name of COVID-19, we at an online medical marijuana card try to warn you about companies who look forward to earning profit from the crisis. Such companies are spreading misinformation over the internet and causing people to believe that coronavirus can be treated with the help of their cannabis products. So, beware of such companies and try to reach out to the World Health organization for coronavirus related information. 

You have to particularly be aware of companies that try to sell you CBD products in the name of the novel coronavirus. Such brands will reach your emails and publish irrelevant information on their website. They will try to target cannabis users only to gain a little bit of profit. So, make sure you don’t believe anything until scientific evidence suggests it to be true. 

Here’s what canna-users should do during the pandemic

Just like the Brexit campaign leads to misinformation so can the impact of the novel coronavirus. This is why it is imperative to listen to the experts and health care professionals for now. And if you are a regular medical marijuana user it is time that you get in touch with your doctor and seek advice. As telemedicine is a viable option during these times. Use the same method and seek advice from your healthcare professional. Also, remember not to burden your doctor with unnecessary health concerns as the doctor might already have too much on the plate right now. 

Given the impact of the virus, we like many other marijuana experts suggest that you choose a different method of consumption. Smoking marijuana can deteriorate the first line of defense against the coronavirus – your respiratory tracts and lungs. This also means that you are at a higher risk of getting affected by the virus. So, instead of smoking cannabis, choose other methods of consumption such as edibles, sublingual, and tinctures. 

Also, be extra cautious and don’t share your cannabis stock with anyone until the virus is contained. It is not a sensible plan as coronavirus can spread easily causing the whole group of canna-shares to get affected by the virus. That said, let us see how cannabis can help you cope with the coronavirus stress. 

Cannabis can help ease anxiety during these tough times

There is no question about the fact that this virus has caused most Americans to feel stress and anxiety. Yes, we all are staying indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. However, isolation and self-quarantine can severely affect the mental health of an individual. And the main question is whether or not cannabis can help ease the stressed situation. Well, to be honest, the answer is that medical marijuana can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. 

According to a study, published in August 2018, the stress situation of more than 12,000 patients was perceived. The data published in the report also revealed that cannabis users reported a 58 percent reduction in stress and anxiety. Cannabis users tried both CBD and THC strains and reported relief only after a few minutes of consumption. Not only this but some also perceived a positive change. Overall, the study analyzed patients with depression, anxiety, and stress. Most of them reported a feeling of relaxation after cannabis consumption. 

What does potential evidence say?

Besides the evidence we have stated above, other research studies show how cannabis can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. So, if you choose cannabis for anxiety during these crucial times. First, make sure you have availed of an online medical marijuana card service. Then get the required dose of medical marijuana delivered to your home. Although marijuana services have been deemed essential, yet going out to purchase medical marijuana can increase the risk of COVID-19. So, getting them delivered to your home is a much safer option. 

That said, let us look at further evidence. A Cutler study suggested that cannabis use can increase the symptoms of anxiety and depression in some individuals. However, the study also went on to say that more females benefited from marijuana use than males. It helped females reduce anxiety more effectively than males. Another study published in June 2016 showed the regularly reported conditions for marijuana use. This percentage pertains to people who use marijuana for the issue. 

Anxiety: 1%

Pain: 2%

Depression: 3%

Nausea: 4%

Migraine: 5%

Final Thoughts

A growing no. of Americans use medical marijuana to treat one of the above-mentioned conditions. MMJ programs allow the use of marijuana use for anxiety. And it is quite possible that you may find solace in using medical marijuana for the treatment of mental health conditions. If yes, then get in touch with your doctor immediately, receive a dosing guide and consume cannabis medical marijuana under medical supervision. 

Cannabis and Antibiotics: Is it a Safe Combination?

Is it safe to consume cannabis with antibiotics? Surprisingly, this is becoming one of the most searched questions on google and many other search engines.

As the knowledge around cannabis and its benefits is increasing, a myriad of people are applying for a medical marijuana card in the country. And not only this, but a lot of current users are also going for cannabis card renewal. Watching the trend, one can easily assume that marijuana is becoming one of the most famous forms of therapy among people for numerous different conditions.

Now, the question here is can we use cannabis if we are on antibiotics. 

Unfortunately, there’s not much reliable information available on the subject. A general notion, as of now, is that it’s not a very good idea to consume any other drugs (i.e. alcohol) if you are under antibiotics prescription. However, cannabis is a plant that occurs naturally, so shouldn’t it be ok to use it with antibiotics?

Probably not. 

Just because it is a plant, it doesn’t mean we can assume that it won’t have effects like any other drug. There are a lot of other things to consider, too. And in this article, we’ll be discussing everything about the usage of cannabis with antibiotics. 

So, without any further delay, let’s start.

What are Antibiotics?

Antibiotic is a general term defining anything that is used for either killing or stopping the growth of microbes in our body. Doctors, usually, prescribe us antibiotics if we have some type of bacterial infection.

Antibiotics come in various different forms. Some are designed to target only specific bacteria types, while others can tackle several multiple strains at the same time. This, sometimes, becomes a very major problem for the people. While there are many bad bacteria present in our body, some bacterial strains are good too. However, certain antibiotics, as we discussed, will just kill anything that comes in their path.

The usage of antibiotics has become very common nowadays. You must have heard of Penicillin, right? There’s no doubt why this particular antibiotic is considered one of the greatest medical discoveries of our time.

However, the usage of antibiotics is not without its problems. Frequent use of antibiotic medicines may lead to some types of bacteria developing a resistance toward them. And this has become a major matter of concern for researchers and doctors all over the world. This antibiotic-resistance formed by some bacteria is also the very reason why we still have issues like MRSA and many other bacterial infections.

But regardless of the above problems, almost everyone in the United States uses antibiotics. In fact, it is one of the most prescribed drugs in the country. And why not? Antibiotics help us defeat so many medical problems that were considered deadly, a few years ago.

Cannabis with Medicines

The usage of marijuana, too, is quite prevalent in the United States. In fact, for numerous people, it has become a basic need to support their lives, and keep themselves happy and healthy. But what if a cannabis user takes antibiotics? Is it really ok to use cannabis with other medications? Let’s see.

As of now, cannabis is considered a very safe drug- at least, if we talk about its overdose potential and toxicity. However, we still don’t know much about how the plant reacts with other medications. Also, you should note that anything that we eat or ingest certainly has a reaction with our body. So, though we don’t have much idea of how cannabis reacts with other medications, we are somewhat aware of its effects on our own body.

For instance, we may associate weed smoking with bronchitis symptoms. Also, we know that there is some relationship between marijuana and acute psychosis. However, if we talk about the relationship between cannabis and antibiotics, little knowledge is available.

However, there are a few experts who suggest that there are no reports of any interaction between marijuana and antibiotics. So, is it safe to assume that marijuana doesn’t have any negative effects, even if we take it with antibiotics? Maybe. But there’s no guarantee. And you should not consider it medical advice.

Should We Risk It?

As discussed above, there’s no scientific studies or clinical data available to help us understand the relationship between cannabis and antibiotics. Also, we don’t have any evidence of any adverse effects of using marijuana while on antibiotics. However, due to the lack of research, we do have an ongoing concern over the usage of cannabis as a medicine, in general. 

Having said that, there is a possibility that smoking marijuana may cause irritation in the part of our respiratory system that has the chances of catching a bacterial infection. And in this situation, even if indirectly, cannabis may affect the effects of antibiotic medications. However, we do have some other methods of consuming marijuana, too, that don’t involve smoke.


To put it simply, edibles are the foods that have some amount of cannabis compounds infused in them. Edibles are generally very safe to consume. And the fun part is that you can make them yourself in your kitchen.

Edibles are directly ingested and are metabolised in our stomach. And therefore, they don’t cause any type of irritation that we generally face while smoking.


A lot of people, nowadays, are turning to CBD oil in order to help them get some relief from their pain. The oil is also very famous to help people with anxiety, insomnia, inflammation etc. In fact, the FDA recently gave green light to the usage of a CBD based oil, Epidiolex, that can be used to treat two very rare types of epilepsy.


CBD oil may also help people improve their immune system, and thus reduce the requirement of antibiotics in the first place. However, we still don’t have any solid evidence to support this theory.

Final Verdict

According to the latest clinical data and research, cannabis doesn’t have any adverse effects on our body, even if we use them with antibiotics. However, it’s still a better idea to talk to a doctor before you actually do it. A doctor is a professional that can certainly help you with any of your concerns. He’s there to advise you in your best interest. And therefore, if you need to take antibiotics now due to any reason, talk to your doctor before you apply for your cannabis card renewal or a new card.

In the end, there’s nothing wrong in doing some of your own research, too, on the subject. You should note that the information given above is purely for informative purposes, and you should not take it as medical advice.

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain – Is it Therapeutically Effective?

Imagine what it would be like if you fell from stairs and hurt your knee? Of course, it would be painful. I know the feeling myself. But that’s not the point. What I mean is that you always rush to a pharmacy store and look for over the counter pain-relievers. Don’t even try to deny it. But, cases of opioid addictions have led to a switch from conventional prescriptions to medical marijuana recommendations. Although this may be true but is medical marijuana for chronic pain a good match?

Just keep reading, and I will lead you to every critical detail that you must be aware of. 

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain- How Does it Work?

Medical marijuana contains a plethora of compounds meant for different purposes for the plant itself. However, when they get into a human system, the primary function is to produce effects that will impact biological function. And in this case, it would affect pain signals traveling across different systems. 

Have you ever noticed how medical marijuana helps to relieve your painful symptoms? Your answer is right here.

The components of marijuana, primarily THC and CBD, interact with different receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). And this results in a cascade of events that results in combating stressful factors leading to pain. For instance, THC activates the body’s reward system and helps you to feel minimal pain. On the other hand, CBD does not produce any intoxicating effects even after interacting with pain receptors to exert analgesic or anti-inflammatory effects. 

Research Studies- What’s The Score?

A lot of studies are looking into finding the possibilities of medical marijuana as an effective pain reliever. They are studying the effects of CBD and THC alone and how they might be useful when combined together. For example, a 2015 review looked into the use of marijuana and its cannabinoids as an effective pain reliever in situations of neuropathy. And the results turned out to be promising. 

Another research paper talked about the use of marijuana in cancer pain. They found that there was a 60% reduction in opioid use with an improvement in the quality of life. A few others found that medical marijuana was effective in producing effects essential for general well being. Not to mention, in the case of migraines, it could decrease migraine episodes after using cannabis with an online medical marijuana recommendation.

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain- Is it More Potent Than Opioids?

We already told you earlier, the use of opioids is impacting the patients pretty severely. Opioid addictions are no longer a regional issue. In fact, more than 9 million cases have already been recorded in the USA alone. Consequently, the death toll is also exponentially rising day-by-day. So, its pretty apparent doctors and patients would look into options that might have a long-term benefit. 

Ok, I know what you are thinking. Since we are talking about marijuana, it’s natural that we will talk about its efficacy in comparison with opioids. Well, wasn’t that the whole point? 


To begin with, surveys showed that more than 30% of cannabis users were able to reduce opioids usage. As a matter of fact, more than 80% of subjects strongly agreed that medical marijuana was way more effective than opioids. Also, recently, a study found that flavins present in cannabis are 30 times more effective than aspirin. Isn’t that amazing? 

Aren’t you eager to find your medical marijuana recommendation right away? But wait, there’s more. 

These studies and results concerning medical marijuana are mostly based on pre-clinical trials. So, there is a need for full-fledged research into this niche. One needs to understand that different aspects might affect a patient in an entirely different way. For instance, 

  • What type of marijuana works best for chronic pain?
  • What are the effective methods of delivery?
  • What marijuana is good for chronic pain?

Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain- How Does it Work? Points Often Overlooked 

There are some downsides to marijuana, as well. You must be aware of its intoxicating effects before starting your search for the best medical marijuana strains with your medical marijuana recommendation. For example, smoking might result in respiratory issues. And if you are into THC rich strains, euphoria might hit you hard. So, consulting a doctor before must be a priority. 

Evidence indicates its exemplary medicinal effects against painful symptoms. The side effects are minimal as compared to opioids. But, before we go into that, make sure you have a qualifying medical condition to get a medical marijuana card. 

How Safe is Medical Marijuana?

The world is changing its perception towards marijuana— be it recreational or medicinal. At this point, you realize cannabis use is finally crossing international borders too. An interesting change in the screenplay from the times when it was allegedly considered as a “gateway drug.”

Do you have any idea patients are going berserk with the idea of finding a reliable medical marijuana doctor for obtaining a medical cannabis card to access marijuana? The numbers are pretty intriguing. But, besides that rise in popularity, how safe is medical marijuana for long-term use? Let’s jump right in and discuss the facts right away.

Is Medical Marijuana Safe?— Short-term risks

Everyone loves marijuana. But, having an honest discussion about its effects will help to break all the stigmas that the plant is facing right now. So, let’s start by talking about its temporary effects. For that, we need to turn the page to the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis acts on it. For instance, cannabis receptors are found all over your body. One of the types of receptors, CB1, is located in the brain, and CB2 ones are present in immune cells.

So, targeting those receptors would produce different effects and some modulations in different biological functions such as memory, mood, appetite, coordination, and more. That’s when you know that cannabis high causes euphoria, increased appetite, or others. It might also cause some temporary rise in the feelings of pleasure linked with sex, music, art, or eating.

So, is reefer madness a real phenomenon?

If you go by the popular search engine “Google,” you will often hear a term, i.e., cannabis-induced psychosis. So, chances are some people might have symptoms like paranoia, delusion, or a psychotic episode. Medical marijuana doctors also talk about similar issues when giving away a medical cannabis card. But, confirms the fact that cannabis can’t cause any lethal overdose. The effects are pretty much temporary. And can be prevented by going for lower doses.

Now, let’s move forward and talk about its long-term effects if any.

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Is Medical Marijuana Safe?— Long-term risks

Imagine you go to a pharmacy and ask for a prescription drug. Have you ever seen its label? You don’t pay much heed on words like “Warning” or “Precaution.” Why is that? It’s because doctors prescribe you the doses while considering the effects. But, still, you are not immune to the repercussions for taking such drugs. The same thing happens with medical marijuana, as well. Studies show that cannabis smoking is healthier than smoking tobacco. Nevertheless, the smoke contains harmful toxins or carcinogens that might cause issues in the future.

There is another theory that talks about cannabis affecting brain structure. A variety of research suggests that marijuana had varying impacts on the brain structure based on the frequency of using cannabis. According to that, cannabis use impacts the levels of grey matter that contains the critical neurons. However, the results are in relation to the outcomes in lab settings. So, here is what the scientists believe cannabis might affect you.

Cannabis Might Affect Brain Functions

Research talks about medical marijuana impacting an individual’s ability to learn. But, the mechanism is yet to unknown. A study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine found that a link between cannabis use and its impact on verbal memory in middle-aged people. It also established that fact cannabis might decline the cognitive functioning of the users. So, consulting 420 doctors while going for an online medical marijuana card becomes a necessity.

Cannabis Might Cause Addiction

No matter how much the world is changing, one must know that it might cause addiction. Binding of THC naturally causes a downregulation that hampers the natural production of endocannabinoids. So, over time, users tend to develop dependence. And that makes the users ask for one. And this increases the levels of cortisol that trigger stressful situations.

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Cannabis Can Trigger Mental Illness

Shocked!! But, many pieces of research show its impact on mental health as well. As we already mentioned psychosis, reports suggest it might cause schizophrenia as well. They also say that it might trigger the onset of mental illness in patients who are already suffering from the condition though the mechanism is not known yet.

Final Thoughts

If you read the blog carefully, you would have noticed there are many “might’s” or “can’s” when it comes to determining the impact of cannabis. Nothing is yet known and everything out there is just a presumption until one performs a full-fledged human trial decoding the mechanisms.

That does not mean we are ruling out every possibility. But, depending on that alone won’t be a good idea as well. It is essential if you are new to cannabis, you must be clear about the cannabis effects and its underlying mechanisms so that you can understand things clearly when talking to doctors when applying for a medical cannabis card.

But, nothing can take away the fact it has a multitude of benefits. You must start using plant responsibly. So, if anyone asks, “Is medical marijuana safe?” The answer would be dependent on how you are using it. Experts suggest going for micro-dosing to avoid reaching a threshold value. Started using cannabis yet? I hope this article helps you to figure out how to make the right choices.

The Ultimate Guide of San Bernardino Marijuana Laws

California was one of the primary states who made it possible for the other states to follow its footsteps and allow transforming them into a “green” state. Thousands of patients and recreational users are living a life they could only wish. Since one can expect a wide range of therapeutic properties. However, one must have knowledge of San Bernardino marijuana laws to avoid any legal hassles or implications in the future. Let’s get started and learn about some of the commonly asked questions about using marijuana.

How Much Can You Possess?

If you are legally registered as a medical marijuana patient, then the state will allow you to carry up to 8 ounces (8 times that of recreational users) of marijuana. You can possess six mature and 12 seedling of the cannabis plant. And lastly, you can easily buy one 8 grams of marijuana concentrates if you are a recreational user. However, there are no restrictions for medical marijuana patients. If you go beyond the possession limits. Then, you will be punished and or asked to pay a penalty.

Can I Grow my Cannabis Medication?

Again, if you have a medical marijuana license, you can grow up to six mature plants or twelve seedlings. Just make sure you grow these plants in your residence. Although, you can ask the same from your designated caregiver. You can also extend your growing limits to approx. 100 sq. feet with a California growers license.

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Who Can Qualify For a Medical Marijuana Card in San Bernardino?

California allows the use of medical marijuana as an aid under the following circumstances. For instance, if you have one or two of the following conditions, you can easily go for medical marijuana consumption such as Anorexia, Arthritis, Cancer, Glaucoma, Muscle spasms, Seizures, AIDS, Epilepsy, Cachexia, Nausea, Chronic pain, Multiple sclerosis, Migraines, or any other condition interfering with your daily activities.

Make sure the patient must be 18 years old or above. However, if your medical condition requires the intervention of cannabis, then the state might even allow patients under the age of 18 years as an exception. However, they will need an online medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed 420 doctors as well as their legal guardian.

How Can You Consume Cannabis in California?

You can consume cannabis only in your private residences. Other than that, anyone can consume marijuana, be it for medical or recreational purposes. Consuming cannabis at any place besides your private residence is strictly prohibited. You can purchase from any state-licensed dispensary. However, if you are a recreational user, go for the shops that sell marijuana legally for adult-use.

Can Out of State Patients Consume Medical Marijuana?

As per the medical marijuana laws of California, you can easily consume marijuana in this state. However, you would be regarded as a recreational user. You cannot possess or consume medical marijuana products at all.

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Can You Travel With Marijuana?

You cannot travel under the influence of marijuana as it is illegal to drive when you are “high.” Also, if you wish to travel with your medication, make sure you keep your plant inside a box. And out of reach of the driver. Also, ensure to carry your license while traveling with cannabis at all times.


California is one of the most “cool” states when it comes to marijuana consumption. However, if you wish to extend your limits in every way, it would be best if you have a valid evaluation by licensed California marijuana doctors, and you can easily access different strains without any legal implications. Just make sure it is still an illegal entity in the eyes of federal agencies. So, don’t try to export your products across the state borders.

Want to Boost Mental Health? Start Using Marijuana Today

Mental health is as important as physical health. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help you reduce the chances of developing severe diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, etc., thus improving your quality of life. Researchers have found that introducing marijuana in your daily lifestyle can help you with many health benefits such as boosted energy levels, reduced anxiety, and pain, etc. Now, you can easily access medical dispensaries by applying 420 evaluations in San Bernardino.

In this post, we are going to discuss how can marijuana help you improve your mental health. Let’s start!

Medical Marijuana For Mental Health

Medical researchers have found that cannabis contains more than 100 active ingredients that have positive effects on health. When cannabinoids are delivered to the body, they interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), thus changing the way different bodily processes work.

In the United States, anxiety disorders are increasing at a rapid rate. Some of the common symptoms of anxiety and depression are excessive worrying, lack of sleep, and trouble concentrating at work. Marijuana is effective in boosting mood and promoting relaxation.

The body produces a wide range of substances called endocannabinoids, which bind to the receptors, thus lowering anxiety. THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana, has a chemical structure similar to that of anandamide, thus changing brain communication.

Marijuana helps in improving cognitive abilities. Cannabinoids can slow down the aging process and enhance the brain’s capability to function properly. The herb’s therapeutic effects improve focus, strengthen the brain and treat neuroinflammatory diseases such as meningitis and sepsis.

Marijuana is also helpful in treating PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), which stems from a terrifying event that occurred in the past. Patients suffering from this condition experience flashbacks of the event repeatedly for years. Medical marijuana works by increasing the serotonin levels in the brain. Cannabinoids can help patients deal with symptoms such as recurrent nightmares, lack of sleep, etc.

Marijuana is effective in improving the sleep cycle. The active ingredients in cannabis help the nerve cells to communicate better and improves thinking processes. Medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, etc. can disrupt sleeping patterns and cannabis calms the body & mind, thus enhancing the quality of life. If you experience irregular intermittency during the sleeping hours, cannabis can help.

However, it’s important to monitor daily cannabis dosage to get the desired effects. A study published in July 2013 found that long-term marijuana use can lead to the production of less dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to reward and motivation. Researchers determined that dopamine levels were less in regular marijuana users than those who started smoking cannabis.

There’s a wide range of cannabis strains with varying levels of THC and CBD. Try different strains and evaluate how your body responds to cannabinoids, and buy the right ones for your condition from a local medical marijuana dispensary.

Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 33 states in the United States. To access state-licensed dispensaries, you require a medical cannabis card signed by a board-certified doctor. With telemedicine services, it’s very easy to apply for 420 evaluations in San Bernardino. The process involves three simple steps-

  • Sign up for an account
  • Talk to a licensed doctor online
  • Receive your MMJ letter in PDF format through the email

To sum up, marijuana contains a wide range of active ingredients, which are known for providing amazing medicinal properties. The ingredients when delivered to the body, they bind to the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, thus changing brain communication. Medical cannabis can be used as an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and various mental health conditions. Unlike prescription medications, marijuana doesn’t cause any unpleasant side-effects.

Apply for 420 evaluations San Bernardino to access medical marijuana legally today!