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Weed Microdosing: A Passing Trend or Really Beneficial?

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In the middle of a time when everyone is obsessed with more and more potent weed, there are a lot of people who are turning to the opposite direction too. Many are advocating the benefits of consuming less, a concept called “microdosing.” 

But why?

See, many cannabis consumers find it very difficult to manage a high THC strain, especially in the beginning. Their bodies just don’t allow it. And so, they look for some better alternatives. 

And here enters the weed microdosing.

But what exactly is this microdosing? Is it just another passing trend or does it have any real benefits? And if yes, should you try it or not?

If you are looking for a medical marijuana card in San Bernardino, I think this information is quite important for you. So, just stick with us, and we’ll clear all your doubts about cannabis microdosing.

Let’s start then.

What is Weed MicroDosing?

To put it simply, weed microdosing is the concept of consuming a very less amount of cannabis. The main idea behind this is to consume tiny amounts of cannabis multiple times in a day in order to obtain only the medicinal benefits of the herb and avoid any psychoactive effects.

Now, when we are talking about a tiny dose here, we mean the amount lesser than that can produce some identifiable psychic effects. So theoretically, by microdosing, you will be able to enjoy the medicinal benefits of the plant without feeling any psychological effects on your mind. A correct microdose of cannabis will not make you feel high.

Many cannabis experts believe that cannabis microdosing can have some amazing effects on our health. It can help us reduce pain, promote sleep, improve mood, and increase creativity. Also, it can be a perfect way to introduce the herb to a newbie.


While the use of cannabis is at its all-time high now, people still don’t know much about microdosing. Many users indulge in overconsumption from the beginning itself. But overconsumption usually leads to the effects that are totally opposite to what they were seeking in the first place. And this makes them skeptical of using the herb again.

However, with microdosing, we don’t need to worry about any such negative effects. It is a very sensible option here and has the potential to become the next big thing in the cannabis world.

Things to Know Before Microdosing

A typical microdose of cannabis should contain anywhere between 2 and 5mg of THC. However, if you think you have a better tolerance, you may take up to 10mg too. Every person has a different system. And if you are an experienced consumer, you probably know that cannabis acts differently on different people. Thus, there is no single dose that works for everyone. People argue that 10mg is a good dose for a novice. However, to be safe, prefer not to go beyond 5 mg if you are new to this.

You should also note that measuring your THC with 100 percent accuracy isn’t really possible. Your consumption method plays a very important role in determining how much THC is getting introduced into your bloodstream. For instance, by consuming cannabis through vaporizing you consume more cannabinoids, as compared to edibles.

Also, if possible, avoid smoking while microdosing. First of all, combustion can destroy the cannabinoids that are typically very helpful for you. And secondly, sometimes even a single puff can exceed the dosage you were targeting for. And therefore, smoking isn’t a very reliable method while microdosing.

Correct Way of Microdosing on Weed

If you are new to cannabis consumption, as discussed above, you shouldn’t be taking more than 5mg of THC. In fact, stick to the lowest number in the beginning, i.e. 2mg. 

Consume a 2mg of THC dose and wait for some time to see if you feel anything or not. Remember, edibles may take a longer time to show its effects. Now, depending on what you experienced with the first microdose, you can take this several times a day. But make sure you don’t consume more than 10 to 15 mg on the first day itself.

If the first day was good, continue this for two more days. Then, if you don’t see any noticeable effects after three days, you may increase the dose by 1mg with each hit. But if you start feeling high and intoxicated, the dose was too much. And so, it’s better to lower it.

If you are already an experienced user, before starting microdosing, we recommend you take a break for a few days (depending on your experience level) to lower your tolerance first. Rest of the process is same for you too.

Benefits Of Weed Microdosing

Weed Microdosing can be beneficial in various different conditions. Let’s discuss a few.

Chronic Pain

A study conducted in 2013 examined the effects of cannabis microdosing on pain. The experts found that cannabis in low quantities can be really beneficial for people suffering from pain. 

Another study from 2012 analyzed the difference between high and low cannabis dosage on patients suffering from pain. The research stated that patients who were given a low dosage showed a much more significant improvement in their condition, as compared to the higher dosage patients.

Depression and Anxiety

Weed, in general, is quite famous for its properties to combat depression and anxiety. However, it is seen that a high dosage of cannabis can actually have very opposite effects. And thus, microdosing is a much better option here, which can provide the benefits of the herb without causing any side effects.


Have you ever heard about cannabis for ADHD? If you are an experienced user, you probably have. The research has shown that cannabis can be really amazing in helping people manage their ADHD symptoms.

However, there is one small problem here- parents don’t want their kids to get high, obviously. And thus, microdosing makes perfect sense here. And it’s not for kids only. A 2017 research analysed the effects of low cannabis dose on adult ADHD patients too. And here too the results were extremely positive.

Is there any Risk Involved?

Weed microdosing does have amazing benefits. However, it’s not totally risk-free. Though microdosing doesn’t get you high, it still can impair your judgement sometimes. And thus, driving probably isn’t a very good idea if you are on microdosing.

Another thing you should note here is that it doesn’t save you from drug screening. Even a small amount of THC can show up in a drug test if you are a consistent user. And so, if your employer isn’t okay with your weed consumption, you may even lose your job.

But looking at the benefits microdosing has, I think these risks can easily be ignored.

Bottom Line

In the end, we can confidently say that microdosing has some amazing benefits in the bucket, especially for new users who are just getting into the game. You’re getting healthy, you’re saving money, and you’re not getting high. What else do you need? So if you are thinking of trying cannabis microdosing, just don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it.