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How cannabis might help you cope up with the COVID-19 pandemic

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I am sure by now you are tired of listening to the Coronavirus news, reading the articles and most of us want a break from the COVID-19 relationship. But whether you like it or not, this virus is one of the biggest threats that the world faces today. We have to keep ourselves up-do-date while millions of people are affected worldwide and sadly thousands of them have already died. 

We also have to face the fact that this pandemic has had a devastating impact on many families and changed society as a whole. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 will also act as a breeding ground for fake news. Which by far is spreading rapidly and chances are some of you might end up believing fake information. So, in the wake of fake news spread you have to be cautious and ignore everything that comes from an untrustworthy source. 

So far, you might have read that coronavirus can be treated with the help of hemp, THC, or CBD. And you might feel like we are talking about the same topic. But trust us we are not. In fact, we are here to tell you that coronavirus cannot treat the COVID19 virus. Or else you can purchase recreational cannabis with the help of an online medical marijuana card in a non-legal state. So, before we dive into anything else let us help you find the answers to the major questions. 

Can marijuana help prevent the symptoms of COVID-19?

We will not waste any time here because marijuana cannot treat the coronavirus. You have to ignore anything you come across over the internet or on through social media channels. There is absolutely no evidence regarding cannabis treating the coronavirus. In fact, we still don’t have any available vaccine and we might have to wait until next year or the end of this year to receive the actual cure. We also hope that an antiviral comes along as soon as possible. This will help lower the burden that currently our healthcare system faces. 

In addition, scientists have not had enough time to research. The pandemic struck the world by surprise and sadly it continues to affect thousands of lives. In the wake of the crisis, many experts have come up with several theories. However, these are just claims and full proof clinical studies are required to come up with a final cure. Also, bear in mind that even studies related to cannabis are limited. We must wait for the best scientific minds to come up with a concrete solution. As of now, cannabis is definitely not the answer for coronavirus treatment. 

Stay Wary of Scammers 

As we mentioned earlier, coronavirus has become a breeding ground for scammers. In order to curb false activities in the name of COVID-19, we at an online medical marijuana card try to warn you about companies who look forward to earning profit from the crisis. Such companies are spreading misinformation over the internet and causing people to believe that coronavirus can be treated with the help of their cannabis products. So, beware of such companies and try to reach out to the World Health organization for coronavirus related information. 

You have to particularly be aware of companies that try to sell you CBD products in the name of the novel coronavirus. Such brands will reach your emails and publish irrelevant information on their website. They will try to target cannabis users only to gain a little bit of profit. So, make sure you don’t believe anything until scientific evidence suggests it to be true. 

Here’s what canna-users should do during the pandemic

Just like the Brexit campaign leads to misinformation so can the impact of the novel coronavirus. This is why it is imperative to listen to the experts and health care professionals for now. And if you are a regular medical marijuana user it is time that you get in touch with your doctor and seek advice. As telemedicine is a viable option during these times. Use the same method and seek advice from your healthcare professional. Also, remember not to burden your doctor with unnecessary health concerns as the doctor might already have too much on the plate right now. 

Given the impact of the virus, we like many other marijuana experts suggest that you choose a different method of consumption. Smoking marijuana can deteriorate the first line of defense against the coronavirus – your respiratory tracts and lungs. This also means that you are at a higher risk of getting affected by the virus. So, instead of smoking cannabis, choose other methods of consumption such as edibles, sublingual, and tinctures. 

Also, be extra cautious and don’t share your cannabis stock with anyone until the virus is contained. It is not a sensible plan as coronavirus can spread easily causing the whole group of canna-shares to get affected by the virus. That said, let us see how cannabis can help you cope with the coronavirus stress. 

Cannabis can help ease anxiety during these tough times

There is no question about the fact that this virus has caused most Americans to feel stress and anxiety. Yes, we all are staying indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. However, isolation and self-quarantine can severely affect the mental health of an individual. And the main question is whether or not cannabis can help ease the stressed situation. Well, to be honest, the answer is that medical marijuana can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. 

According to a study, published in August 2018, the stress situation of more than 12,000 patients was perceived. The data published in the report also revealed that cannabis users reported a 58 percent reduction in stress and anxiety. Cannabis users tried both CBD and THC strains and reported relief only after a few minutes of consumption. Not only this but some also perceived a positive change. Overall, the study analyzed patients with depression, anxiety, and stress. Most of them reported a feeling of relaxation after cannabis consumption. 

What does potential evidence say?

Besides the evidence we have stated above, other research studies show how cannabis can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. So, if you choose cannabis for anxiety during these crucial times. First, make sure you have availed of an online medical marijuana card service. Then get the required dose of medical marijuana delivered to your home. Although marijuana services have been deemed essential, yet going out to purchase medical marijuana can increase the risk of COVID-19. So, getting them delivered to your home is a much safer option. 

That said, let us look at further evidence. A Cutler study suggested that cannabis use can increase the symptoms of anxiety and depression in some individuals. However, the study also went on to say that more females benefited from marijuana use than males. It helped females reduce anxiety more effectively than males. Another study published in June 2016 showed the regularly reported conditions for marijuana use. This percentage pertains to people who use marijuana for the issue. 

Anxiety: 1%

Pain: 2%

Depression: 3%

Nausea: 4%

Migraine: 5%

Final Thoughts

A growing no. of Americans use medical marijuana to treat one of the above-mentioned conditions. MMJ programs allow the use of marijuana use for anxiety. And it is quite possible that you may find solace in using medical marijuana for the treatment of mental health conditions. If yes, then get in touch with your doctor immediately, receive a dosing guide and consume cannabis medical marijuana under medical supervision.