Is It Safe to Take CBD Before Driving? (Facts Explained)

The legal nuances associated with CBD are a grey area only a handful of legal authorities understand. For a common person using CBD in a state which has legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational use is legal. In other words, they don’t need a medical cannabis card to avail of CBD products. To put things into perspective, here’s an example. Say you live in San Bernardino, you don’t need 420 evaluations in San Bernardino to get CBD-infused products. You can thank the Farm Bill for the same because CBD is now legal federally. This means that you can purchase CBD over the counter without having to worry about a possible arrest. However, here’s a legal catch. 

You see, the Farm Bill has several clauses, and one of its nuances clearly establishes what kind of CBD is legal on the federal level. CBD derived from the hemp plant with less than or equal to 0.3% THC is legal on the federal level. This indicates that any product containing more than 0.3% THC automatically falls under the illegal category. So, using CBD is not as easy as you thought and driving under the influence of CBD becomes even more complicated if you don’t pay attention to the legal and scientific details. In this post, we will cover the legal nuances associated with driving under the influence of CBD and should you consume CBD before driving or not. Let’s begin! 

What Happens When You Take CBD Before Driving? 

Let’s start with the scientific explanation first. You see, CBD is non-psychoactive, but when it interacts with the brain, it causes the anandamide and GABA levels to rise. As a result, you feel relaxed and calm at the same time. These effects are opposite to the psychoactive effects caused by THC. Thus, CBD will not impair your ability to think or work. In fact, cannabidiol will interact with your brain and body to cause a relaxing effect without altering your mood. So, when it comes to driving after consuming CBD, some people will feel relaxed and it might hinder the energy they need for driving. 

Additionally, heavy consumption of CBD can cause side effects such as lightheadedness, low blood pressure, sleepiness, and lethargy. For these reasons, we do not recommend driving after consuming CBD. However, those who are accustomed to the effects of CBD can take little amounts before driving. For new users, it’s best you stay indoors and never expose yourself to long road drives. Instead, you can talk to a medical marijuana doctor, if you feel that your body enters a super sleepy mode after consuming CBD. The doctor will probably reduce the dosage or recommend a different CBD product altogether. 

For a 420 evaluation, look for a state-certified health physician in your region. For example, get 420 evaluations in San Bernardino and learn which CBD product and what dose works perfectly well for your body. That said, let’s move on to the legal aspects of driving with and under the influence of cannabis. 

Can I Drive With CBD? 

Yes, you can, but only if you live in a state which has legalized cannabis. In California, marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational purposes. This means that you can possess, consume, and dive with cannabis legally. The only exception, in this case, is that you can only travel with cannabis within state borders, provided the CBD product you bought is packed in its original package. Also, you have to make sure that the packet or CBD container is sealed. This way, you will be able to drive with CBD within the state borders. 

Can I Drive Under the Influence of CBD? 

Legally, you cannot drive under the influence of cannabis. The law clearly states that driving under the influence of cannabis is a punishable offense. This law is quite similar to the one associated with driving under the influence of alcohol. So, we suggest that you consume CBD within the four walls of your house. 

In addition to this, you have to understand that each and every state has DUI laws. These laws may vary from state to state, but these laws regulate anything associated with driving under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. Proof that marijuana caused impairment or the presence of THC in blood samples will lead to suspension of the license for a first-time offense. So, make sure that you either consume CBD hours before driving or lay low and avoid driving after taking CBD.

How Can You Grind Your Cannabis Without a Grinder

Everyone is familiar with the popularity of cannabis, and how the cannabis industry has evolved since the legalization of cannabis. Cannabis is now legal in 33 states plus D.C. for medical use. And 11 states have legalized it for both recreational and medical uses. A lot of people look for 420 evaluations near me in order to get an MMJ card for managing their health condition. After 420 evaluations, a medical cannabis doctor can provide you an MMJ card. 

While there are a lot of ways to consume cannabis, smoking is still the most common way. Smoking cannabis is also one of the oldest and most traditional ways to consume cannabis. This is why every cannabis smoker wants to have the best smoking experience. And a cannabis grinder can help in enhancing your smoking experience. It helps in breaking down your buds with ease and also saves a lot of time for you.

But what if you can not find your grinder anywhere while you are ready to smoke your cannabis? This can be really disappointing and can put you off. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best ways to break down cannabis without the help of a grinder. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Method 1. Breaking Down Cannabis Using Your Fingers

Well, this one is pretty obvious. Breaking down cannabis buds with your fingers is one of the oldest and most traditional methods. And sometimes, all you need is to get back to basics. So, let’s talk about the process of breaking down cannabis with fingers. You simply have to make the shape of a bowl with one hand. Then just start picking away at your cannabis and breaking them apart. 

While this experience can be very intrinsically rewarding, there is a small downside to this method. Cannabis is sticky and grimy. So, after the process, you will have to deal with the resin that builds up around your hands afterward.

Well, you just need a credit card or keys to scrape the resin off your hands. And you can even use this resin to smoke it in a bong or joint to get an extra kick. Here is one more fact for you: collecting the resin from hands this way is one of the oldest and most traditional ways to make hash.

Method 2. Chopping Your Cannabis Using a Knife And a Chopping Board

Well, it’s time to use those chopping skills of yours. For this method, you just need a sharp knife and a chopping board. Trust me, this is one of the very popular ways of grinding cannabis if you do not have a grinder. Just place your cannabis on a clean chopping board and then use a sharp knife to start chopping it up.

I would suggest using a serrated knife for this, as it will pull and tear cannabis while the knife glides along. But if you do not have a serrated knife, any other knife would work too. You will get nice, finely chopped cannabis for your smoking session.

You just need some patience and cutting skills. Also, a chopping board will help in keeping everything contained. Hence, you won’t have to worry about extensive clean up afterward. Think of it as you are slicing through vegetables and fruits. Also, do not forget to clean your utensils before using them to prevent any contamination of your cannabis.

Method 3. Grind Your Cannabis Using a Coffee Grinder

While the above-mentioned methods are really good, they are not very efficient when you have large quantities of cannabis. This is where a coffee grinder can help you. This is one of my favorite ways to grind cannabis. Use a coffee grinder instead of a traditional cannabis grinder when you have to break down large amounts of cannabis.

The process is similar to how you grind your coffee beans. Simply load your buds into the grind, and start grinding. And use a credit card or keys to collect the resin that will build up inside the grinder afterward.

Consumed Too Much Cannabis? Here’s How to Sober up

Even the most experienced cannabis users have a story about that one time they consumed too much cannabis. Everyone would tell you that it is never a pleasant experience when you overdo it. Both medical and recreational cannabis is becoming a part of life for many people all around the United States. A lot of people look for cannabis card renewal to continue using medical cannabis for managing their condition. Cannabis has various medical and therapeutic benefits. This also includes helping people reduce their anxiety. But consuming too much cannabis can also work in a negative way and cause anxiety and paranoia. 

There can be many reasons why a person would feel like he/she is “too high.” Maybe they accidentally smoked more than they could handle, or the edible kicked in two to three hours late. Or maybe they tried cannabis concentrates for the first time and were not prepared for their potency. One more reason could be that they simply have a low tolerance for cannabis. Whatever the reason is, the final experience is never comfortable for anyone. This unpleasant experience can also turn off even the most experienced cannabis enthusiasts. But today, we are going to go through some of the best tips that can help you in reducing the effects of cannabis. Or in simple words, help you sober up.

But How Long Does it Take Calm Down The Effects of Too Much Cannabis?

There are two main compounds of cannabis, CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). While CBD is mainly associated with having medical benefits, THC is the main psychoactive compound that causes the “high.” Now, the intensity and longevity of your high depend on various factors. These are – 

  • Method of consumption
  • Dosage
  • Individual variables (that are different for everyone)

It typically depends upon the potency of the cannabis product you are consuming. Concentrates are the most potent form of cannabis that you can consume. Then comes flower followers by edibles. However, the dosage and your body’s chemistry will also be there to make an impact on the overall experience. A person with higher cannabis tolerance will sober up quicker than the person who has lower cannabis tolerance. 

Anecdotally, the average cannabis high can last for about 30 minutes to 2 hours at its peak. And some lingering effects can further last for a short period of time after. But, do not worry, there are ways to sober up from a bad high. I have prepared a list of some tips that will help you sober up quickly from uncomfortable cannabis high. So let’s get into it.

Tip 1. First, Stop Smoking

This one sounds very obvious but trust me, many people make this mistake. If you begin to feel uncomfortable while smoking cannabis, you need to stop smoking it immediately. When it comes to ingesting edibles, you need to be a little extra cautious. The full effects of edibles can take a few hours to kick in, and they come with a pack of powerful punches. 

Tip 2. Do Not Panic

This is very important to keep in mind that no one in the history of ever has died because of cannabis overdose. You need to remember that everything is okay and you are fine! The effects of too much cannabis will dissipate after a few hours. Everything will return back to being normal with no lasting effects other than a little grogginess. You just need to give it some time and whatever you are feeling will eventually pass on its own.

You are absolutely fine and nothing is going to happen to you. You may feel or get sweaty, but you will never die of cannabis overdose. So, just try to calm down and let everything pass on its own.

Tip 3. Water is Important (Stay Hydrated)

Everyone is familiar with the fact that water is very crucial for the body. But it also plays a very important role in consuming cannabis. Keeping yourself hydrated can help you combat various side effects of too much cannabis. 

One of the most common side effects of smoking cannabis is cottonmouth or dry mouth. You can combat dry mouth with water, as it will keep your mouth moist. You can choose some other cold beverage as well as a juice to hydrate yourself. Just make sure that you are not drinking alcohol or a caffeinated drink. Alcohol can increase THC blood concentration, which will make things worse for you. So, while you are looking to hydrate yourself, you need to stay away from alcohol. 

Drinking water can also help you focus on a simple and familiar act that is sipping and swallowing. 

Tip 4. Understand Your Limits before You Start Consuming Cannabis

Now, this tip will only help you if you have not already consumed too much cannabis. You should consume cannabis according to your tolerance level. Think of your cannabis sessions from the past and figure out your tolerance level. Then consume cannabis accordingly. This will not be helpful to you if you are consuming cannabis for the first time. But, it can help you avoid that unpleasant and uncomfortable situation the next time.

One of the best ways to keep yourself under control is by consuming cannabis with your friends you are comfortable with. You should not feel pressured in any way to consume more than your body can handle.

Another thing you need to remember is to take it slow. This is especially true when you are consuming edibles. This will also help you understand your tolerance level. It is advisable to start with the standard dose of 10 mg or less. If you are a newbie, you should begin with 5 mg to ease into the experience. Then wait for at least an hour to see if the effects kick in. If you do not feel any effects, then only take another dosage. You need to follow the same thing when it comes to inhalation methods.

Tip 5. Black Peppercorns For The Rescue

Yes, black peppercorns can help you get rid of the unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings of being too high. This kitchen ingredient can simmer down your high. You simply have to smell or chew on a few whole black peppercorns. 

There are certain terpenoids present in pepper, such as beta-caryophyllene, that bind to the same endocannabinoid receptors as THC. This helps in cooling the effects of THC.

Tip 6. Go For a Walk or do Some Exercise

One of the best things that you can do to get some relief from the uncomfortable feelings of too much THC is to go for a walk. This will help in changing the scenery. Fresh air can help in getting your blood pumping that can help in invigorating you.

You can also do some exercise to sober up from too much cannabis. Exercise will release endorphins in the brain that will get your blood pumping. This will help your body in metabolizing THC even faster.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates & How to Consume Them?

Cannabis-derived concentrates and oils provide more potent effects, which you can’t get from flowers. This is due to the presence of high levels of cannabinoids.

To receive the desired effects, it’s important to select the right concentrate and consumption method. So, what are the different types of concentrates available? What are the different options available for medical users when it comes to using cannabis concentrates? Let’s discuss this.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

The concentrate is the concentrated form of marijuana. As compared to flowers, they provide stronger, better medicinal effects. Most consumers prefer vaping concentrates, which is a safer alternative to smoking. Moreover, it delivers a cleaner, smoother inhaling experience. Concentrates can have various textures, such as shatter, budder, crumble, sugar, sauce, and crystalline.

When buying marijuana-infused concentrates or oils, you have a wide range of options available. CBD concentrates and oils provide medicinal effects without making consumers high. At medical dispensaries, you can purchase CBD products with varying strengths. In the United States, as per the Farm Bill of 2018, hemp-infused CBD products are legal; however, they must contain less than 0.3 percent THC. If it’s more than 0.3 percent THC, it will be considered as marijuana. And, you require 420 evaluations San Bernardino to access them legally.

Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates


These are liquid concentrates available in dropper bottles, so they are easy to dose. Tinctures are prepared using alcohol or glycerin vegetable oil as a solvent.

How to use them—just place a few drops under the tongue and wait for a few seconds. The mucus membranes in the mouth will absorb the cannabinoids. Tinctures usually take 20-30 minutes to kick in.


Hash is a cannabis concentrate, which is prepared by separating active ingredients from the marijuana plant. Traditional methods of making hash bring about 40-60 percent of THC content while the flowers contain 15-25 percent THC. However, modern technology methods produce an exceptional quality hash, which contains amazing health benefits.


Cannabis capsules look like herbal supplements. They contain THC, CBD, and other important chemical compounds. So, you can buy marijuana-infused capsules containing specific levels of cannabinoids. Capsules usually take less than 2 hours to deliver full effects. You should start with a low dose (5mg). However, you can increase the dose gradually to get the sweet spot.

Vaping Cartridges

Vaping cartridges come in different flavors, strains, and concentration levels. For instance, high-CBD cartridges deliver relaxing and calming effects without causing intoxicating effects as THC. So, you can select the cartridges as per your requirements. The most common concentrates used in vaping cartridges are derived through the CO2 method.

How to Consume Cannabis Concentrates?

There are many ways to consume a concentrate for medical benefits, such as pain relief, anxiety relief, boosting sleep, appetite, etc. However, depending on the type of cannabis concentrate or oil you have, you can select the delivery method.


Dabbing is the most popular method of consuming concentrates. The important dab tools are—dab rig, nail, dabber, carb cap, torch, and cannabis extract. The process starts with heating the nail until it turns red. You don’t require a torch if you are using an e-nail. Then, apply the dab directly on the nail using the dabber. With the help of a mouthpiece, you can inhale the smoke. You should rotate the dabber to use all the concentrate.

After you dab, carbon or other matter can build up on the nail. So, make sure you clean the nail after each dabbing session. Clean using the torch or soak it in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes.


Vaping is one of the healthiest methods of consuming concentrates. Almost all types of concentrates can be vaporized. The process involves heating a concentrate at a low temperature to extract the active ingredients in the form of vapors, which are inhaled using the mouthpiece.

Modern technology vape pens are compact and easy to use. These devices can easily fit into a small bag or back pocket, thus they are perfect for traveling. Just press the start button and inhale the vapors for instant effects. Some vaporizers come with amazing features, such as temperature control settings.

Vaping vs smoking

Many medical experts say that vaping is safer than smoking. This is probably because in vaping, burning of cannabis doesn’t occur. In other words, vaping preserves the original taste and potency of marijuana, thus delivering better effects.

Additionally, it produces fewer harmful chemicals, which can lead to health issues, such as lung irritation, inflammation, etc.


This is another quick method of consuming cannabis concentrates. However, there are some concentrates, which can’t be consumed orally. So, decarboxylation can help in activating the cannabinoids, such as THC. Using the alcohol or glycerin vegetable oil, edibles are prepared.


These are cannabis-infused foods and drinks, which have a slow onset. After you have consumed an edible, you have to wait for a few minutes to feel the effects, which last longer than smoking or vaping.

There’s a wide range of edible recipes available online. Cannabutter is a popular edible, which is easy to make at home. Just heat the butter and add decarboxylated cannabis. However, you can also buy a wide range of edibles from medical dispensaries, such as candies, chocolate bars, gummies, brownies, and beverages.

How to Dose Cannabis Concentrates?

How much you consume is one of the major contributing factors to the kind of effects you receive from concentrates. So, make sure you use the right amount.

Different consumers have different body chemistries and conditions. So, a high dose working for a patient will not work for another, even if they share the same symptoms and age. The same goes for the strains.

How to find the perfect dose? Well, the best method is to start with a low dose to see how your body responds. If you are using edibles, we recommend you to wait for at least an hour before you take the second dose. You can increase the dose gradually until you get the desired effects, such as pain and inflammation relief, relaxation, etc.

Accessing Cannabis Concentrates Legally is Very Easy Now

Cannabis is proven effective for managing various medical conditions. The list includes anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, eating disorders, lupus, etc. There’s scientific evidence that cannabis is safer than prescription medications. Currently, 33 states allow their residents to use marijuana for medical purposes. So, if you are suffering from a condition, which is included in your state’s MMJ qualifying conditions, you can get an MMJ card. The card allows you to buy cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, etc. legally from licensed dispensaries.

Luckily, with telemedicine technology, you can apply for 420 evaluations San Bernardino online. Here’s the process-

  • Sign up an account
  • See a doctor online 
  • Receive an MMJ rec letter in PDF via email

Final Thoughts

Cannabis concentrates contain a higher concentration of active ingredients, such as THC and CBD. So, they deliver cleaner, stronger medicinal effects than flowers. 

For consuming concentrates, you can use various methods, such as dabbing, vaping, or oral. Each method works differently and provides different effects. When using concentrates, the dosage is very important. Check the THC and CBD levels, and start slow, ensuring you don’t experience risks such as cannabis overdose. So, talk to your doctor to know what fits your condition the best.

Apply for 420 evaluations San Bernardino to access medical marijuana legally.

Cannabis and Cataracts: Can The Herb Help?

Medical marijuana has been a carrier of change in recent times. There is a growing acceptance of the herb and a lot of people are undergoing 420 evaluations in San Bernardino with satisfactory results. Cataract affects 25 million people in the US and is a leading cause of blindness worldwide. Studies show that cannabis has promising potential in benefiting patients battling cataracts. Cannabis can reduce intraocular pressure by up to 40%. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, most Americans don’t realize that they have an eye problem until it’s too late. Cataracts are more common in women and can have an impact on the quality of life if not treated on time. 

A bit more about cataracts

A cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye. People with cataracts usually complain of a blurred vision or inability to see things clearly. It might feel like you’re looking through a fogged-up window. It is a major cause of vision loss in people over 40 years of age and requires timely treatment. The onset of the condition is usually slow and it might not be a big deal initially but if not treated on time, it can cause permanent vision loss. There is no single cause of this condition. It can be congenital where babies are born with this condition. Age is also a major factor that controls the onset of the disease. In addition, diabetes, the use of corticosteroids, and being in the presence of harmful substances or radiation can also cause cataracts. 

The symptoms include blurred or cloudy vision, nearsightedness, double vision, difficulty in driving at night. It can usually be corrected with the help of glasses or contacts but if the problem is chronic, you might need surgery. 

Cannabis and Cataracts

Cannabis is a great medicine for managing multiple health conditions. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties make it great for managing chronic pain conditions. Similarly, cannabis shows promising effects in patients suffering from glaucoma. It reduces the intraocular pressure by easing down the pressure around the eyes. Well, in spite of this fact, this is not a regular cure of the condition because you need to take a regular dose of cannabis to feel the benefits it offers. You need a dose of 18-20mcg of THC to reduce the IOP by 4 to 5 mm Hg. Well, the present research is limited in this aspect. So, we can’t really claim that it offers full treatment for this condition.

But the herb does help in reducing the intensity of the problem. A certified cannabis doctor can prescribe you the designated dosage that you can take daily and dive into some relief. The fact that this condition affects mostly people above 40 years, you need to be careful while using cannabis. That’s because THC is psychoactive and produces intoxication. Elderly patients are usually not comfortable handling the high. They prefer a medium that is non-intoxicating and safe. So, CBD is a much safer choice for them.

In addition to taking these things into consideration, you should note that patients with cataracts might be having underlying conditions. This is important because there are certain medications that might interact with cannabis. So, you just need to be a bit careful. 

420 Evaluations San Bernandino Can be Helpful

The legalization process has gifted us with the ability to use cannabis within legal boundaries. If you are battling cataracts, it’s a good idea to get yourself evaluated. The certified doctor can screen your health and figure out the conditions you are struggling with. For this, it’s important that you are absolutely transparent and honest about your health. This helps in better analysis and allows the doctor to serve you better. With a condition like cataracts, you need to follow the right approach towards using cannabis.

The doctor can offer you the right strain based on your analysis and give you the correct insight into using it. It’s not just about the dose, there are other aspects too that you need to take care of. Cannabis affects every individual differently. A lot depends on the tolerance and experience one holds with cannabis. If you are new to using cannabis, you need to figure out a dose that works for you. This is important because that’s how you’ll derive the most benefits from cannabis.

Are cannabis-infused eye drops available?

There are various CBD infused cannabis drops available in the market that claim to offer relief from ocular pain. But research is still limited if it can provide relief from cataracts. So, for now, the doctors cannot prescribe you cannabis drops for cataracts. We need a deeper analysis of these drops to find if these are effective in people battling cataracts. For now, these drops might be prescribed for ocular pain. In the future, we can expect that more research will outline the full spectrum of benefits that it offers. 

Finding the right clinic is very important

There are various clinics in operation that offer 420 evaluations. To get the best treatment, you need to find a clinic that holds the necessary experience and has the reputation to offer trusted treatment. For that, just follow these tips:

1) Check the ratings and reviews

When you are finding a prospective clinic for your evaluation, you need to analyze if the clinic is worth the shot. There are websites that rate clinics based on their services and expertise. Just go through these and pay attention to what users have to say about a particular clinic. This is a good way to figure out if they can actually deliver the results that you want. 

2) Check if they have the expertise

If a particular clinic is good, they have the certified experts who can offer the relief you need. This is important because cannabis is still in the phase of growth and research around it is still limited. So, only a certified expert can provide you with in-depth guidance about using the herb the right way. 

3) Certifications are important

Certifications serve as a token of trust that a particular clinic is authentic. So, before selecting a particular clinic, do check if they have the necessary certifications or licenses. A good idea is to contact them directly and enquire about the same. You can also go through the website and check if they have posted any information about their certifications or licenses. If they deny sharing this information with you, it’s better to look for a new clinic. 

Bottom Line

Any issue related to the high should be treated with utmost priority. Cataracts pose danger to your eyesight because they are not treated on time, it can cause permanent vision loss. If you want to explore a safe treatment method, cannabis is a good choice considering the fact it carries no side-effects. It’s still better to undergo 420 evaluations in San Bernardino to gain better insight about using the herb for your health. In the future, we expect that detailed research will outline more benefits of using the herb for managing cataracts. Cannabis carries a huge potential that we cannot afford to ignore.

Foods That Can Improve Your Cannabis Experience

Cannabis has become a common medication across the US thanks to its increasing acceptance among US citizens. Now cannabis access has become easier than ever to a point where you can get online and complete your 420 Evaluations in San Bernardino. Just ten minutes and you’ll receive your card.

But as access becomes easier, the consumption grows and so does the need to improve the experience. For medical patients, cannabis is the cure to their pain, lack of sleep, anxiety and alternative to ineffective medications. They are always searching for tips and tricks to make their high potent and also last as long as possible.

Well, thankfully this is something that can be achieved. How? Using food. Many of the foods have certain terpenes and chemicals that synergically react with cannabis and improve your overall cannabis experience. Here are some of the foods that you can include in your cannabis sessions.


I had to begin with the most commonly known natural enhancer of cannabis- mangoes. Most of you may already know or may have heard about it somewhere that mangoes can improve your cannabis high. This is because of the presence of a terpene called myrcene in the fruit. When you eat a mango before a session, the terpenes enter the bloodstream. After you consume cannabis, the terpenes react with the THC in cannabis and intensify the high and other therapeutic properties. It also makes the high last longer than it normally does.

Myrcene in itself has anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties. When consumed with cannabis, these properties are only enhanced. In addition to this, myrcene is able to reduce the blood brain barrier on its own. So when you consume cannabis after having a mango, the cannabinoids are able to reach the brain faster and with more intensity.

Not only do these factors hold true when you eat a mango before consuming cannabis but also after a session. So you can use mangoes to relieve your munchies and to enhance your high.

Sweet Potatoes

If anxiety, depression, stress and emotional disorders are common with you then along with using cannabis, add sweet potatoes to your daily sessions. Apart from being delicious, sweet potatoes are a storehouse of healthy carbohydrates, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E which act together to regulate intense emotions and depression levels. This is possible because these nutrients have the ability to increase the production of serotonin in the body. It is well known that serotonin can develop happy feelings and reduce negative ones.
When combined with cannabis, the mood elevating properties also receive a boost and be more helpful in the treatment of depression.

Combine sweet potato and cannabis into an edible to enjoy the benefits. Bake some sweet potato fries and sprinkle with some sea salt and decarboxylated cannabis.


Many people crave chocolate and some find pleasure with it. Do you know why? The answer is cacao. Just like cannabis, cacao also contains some chemicals similar to the endocannabinoids produced in our body naturally. Anandamide, N-oleoylethanolamine and N-linoleoyl ethanolamine are some of these chemicals. And these chemicals produce a feeling similar to cannabis high or more like a ‘runner’s high’ after a vigorous workout.

Anandamide naturally occurs in your body too. It can deliver a feeling of pleasure and euphoric high just like cannabis. In addition to this, other chemicals found in chocolate can elevate its therapeutic properties like pain relief, appetite and mood. When you combine chocolate with cannabis, the intensity of the overall effects rise and you get a longer and better high. A side benefit of combining these two is that you can mask the strong flavor of cannabis.

You can make cannabis-infused chocolate at home too. Just remember to be very careful with the dose as edibles tend to deliver stronger effects. And considering that cannabis and chocolate enhance each other’s properties, sticking to the right dose is very important. Wither contact a professional for advice or practice microdose with the smallest amount.


Tea and cannabis go very well together. Not only in terms of taste but also in terms of effects. Tea of different types can increase the effects of cannabis on the body. This is because of the presence of catechins or antioxidants. These compounds react with the CB1 receptors of the body similar to the cannabinoids found in cannabis. By activating the receptors, these catechins lift up the mood and lower the level of stress. You can identify the difference with the feeling of relaxation that engulfs you after a sip of tea.
Cannabis will intensify these therapeutic effects and also enhance the euphoric feeling.
Green tea has the most amount of catechins because it is less processed compared to other teas. So it will be the best choice to combine with cannabis. You can also consider adding herbs to the tea like basil, sage, lemongrass and mint as they contain certain terpenes that will help prevent any side effects of cannabis like anxiety and also create an entourage effect to further improve your high.


Did you like broccoli as a kid? If not, then you will like it now. Because broccoli is one of those foods that can enhance your cannabis high. Now you wouldn’t mind munching on some boiled broccoli, would you?

Broccoli contains a terpene called β- caryophyllene. It has the ability to bind to the CB2 receptors and deliver the many therapeutic properties similar to cannabis. It can help reduce pain, act as an anti-inflammatory and also help deal with depression. But all these benefits can only be attained when combined with cannabis. So get yourself a bowl of boiled broccoli and pair it with your everyday cannabis session.


Nuts are something you can eat even without a cause. But if you do need one, how about the fact that they give you a better high? That’s right.

THC can get you high only in the presence of fats. And nuts are a storehouse of omega-3-fatty-acids. These fatty acids easily bind to the cannabinoids and get them past the blood brain barrier. This increases the onset time as well as the total duration of the high.

So get your shopping bag and fill your pantry with these foods. They will not only naturally improve your cannabis high but also prove to be the perfect healthy snack to relieve your munchies.