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Can Medical Marijuana Cure the Coronavirus? (Facts Explained)

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No, medical marijuana cannot cure the coronavirus. We have no substantial scientific evidence stating the efficacy of medical marijuana against the said virus. Though, one Canadian doctor insisted on conducting clinical trials to find out if certain cannabis compounds can boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and help COVID-19 patients. As of now, you can only use medical marijuana to treat state qualified medical conditions with the help of a medical marijuana card online.

Also, the hoaxes following cannabis and its relation with coronavirus treatment are all false. So, kindly stay wary of such rumors. Most vitally, keep in mind that rumors tend to survive in uncertain times. So, make sure you pick the right source for the COVID-19 related information. For instance, WHO is the most trusted source as of now. So, for any information visit their website.

Medical Marijuana is Not the Answer to COVID-19 Treatment

Here’s what experts and authorities have to say.

These are difficult times and we have to make sure that we stay at home, but believing rumors can cause unnecessary trouble. Particularly for doctors who are already tackling thousands of coronavirus cases in states across America. So, make sure you keep your immunity strong by eating healthy vegetables and food rich in Vitamin and minerals. After all, medical marijuana helps patients who have a qualifying condition and whose body responds well to cannabis use.

Furthermore, there are speculations regarding the use of cannabis for coronavirus treatment, which according to NORML (the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws) are unsubstantiated claims. In a statement issued recently, NORML encouraged people to be skeptical about claims that are being circulated online. Especially the ones that concern cannabis. To be certain and assertive the statement also mentioned that anything related to coronavirus is sensitive so make sure neither to spread such rumors nor to believe online sources like these. And as I mentioned earlier if you need any information regarding coronavirus visit WHO and read their guidelines.

In addition, there was also a letter issued by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the Federal Trade Commission. The letter came as a warning to companies who were selling fraudulent products. Basically, this letter contained a specific warning for companies who are manufacturing fake coronavirus products. The statement went on to say that anybody who commits such crimes will be held accountable. The warning came after an Idaho company sold herbal CBD tinctures and advertised a coronavirus protocol.

Beware of Emails and Forwards That Claim a Cure for Coronavirus

Most emails will be filled with infiltrated messages. You might for a moment believe in them and forward the same to your near and dear ones. But you have to check the source from where the news is coming and analyze the factual truth. You see statements like medical marijuana can cure the cOVID-19 virus are too good to be true. So, the trick here is to not believe any too good to be true statements. Also, when in doubt reach out to authentic news channels. They will help you know everything that is going around this pandemic. And when you know the truth, report such emails or messages to help curb the spread of hoaxes.

Most vitally always keep in mind that medical marijuana can treat some medical conditions. Those conditions have been listed under the state rule for marijuana laws. Go through them and beware of everything that is going around regarding this pandemic.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have learned that there is no relation between marijuana the COVID-19. Go ahead and correct people who might have accidentally come across fake reports. Also, make sure that you stay safe while staying inside and wash your hands regularly. If you need any information regarding medical marijuana and its therapeutic benefits, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.