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Cannabis Hangover: A Fact or A Fiction?

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While some believe it to be true, for others, the Cannabis Hangover is still a questionable mystery. What side are you on?

Well, it doesn’t matter. Because cannabis hangover is actually a very real and common phenomenon. In fact, it happens more frequently than you think. And just like other hangovers, cannabis hangover also has a number of effects, ranging from headache to nausea to brain fog.

While the cannabis hangover isn’t a very big issue for most people, for some, it definitely is a problem. It makes many people skeptical of getting an MMJ card. 

But should you really worry about this? 

If you are thinking of getting a California medical marijuana recommendation, I don’t think you should hesitate just for the herb’s hangover effects. However, if still you are dicy, here are all the things you need to know in order to make a calculated decision.

The Research on Cannabis Hangover

The research on this subject is very little, which is not surprising given the fact that it is still in the category of schedule I drugs at the federal level. Having said that, a few studies definitely exist, which can help us understand the concept of cannabis hangover. 

An important study on the subject was published in the year 1985, which was conducted on only 13 people (all men). In this study, some participants were given a placebo, and others a marijuana joint with around 2.9 percent THC. After this, the researchers gave them a number of behavioral tasks, like card sorting, time production, and free recall, etc. Researchers again tested the subjects after a night’s sleep. And here, they noticed that there were some residual (hangover) effects in only those participants who were given cannabis. 

As per this study, we can say that cannabis does produce some hangover effects the very next day. However, the extent and precise nature of these effects remain undetermined. We can say that the results of this study are quite significant. However, the major drawback here is that the sample size was very low and undiversified.

There was another study on the subject that was conducted in 1998. And here too the sample size was very small, with just 10 participants- all men, again. This study suggests that the residual effects of cannabis after smoking one joint are minimal. 

While this also is a significant study, the small sample size, lack of diversity, and the effects of only a single joint makes this, too, inconclusive. 

You should note that the casual users who usually tell the tale of cannabis hangover consume at a much higher rate, especially while consuming edibles or other potent stuff. Though the results of the research until now match those anecdotal accounts, much deeper research is what we need right now to understand the hangover concept completely.

What’s the Reason Behind a Cannabis Hangover?

As per the experts, cannabis hangover, just like other hangovers, is a result of overconsumption. However, as the cannabis plant affects everyone differently, depending upon the strain, tolerance, body chemistry, THC level, etc., the concept of overconsumption is probably unique for everyone. For this very reason, experts say you should “keep it low and go slow” while consuming cannabis.

The users who claim to get a hangover from cannabis report that they consumed edibles or extracts. They say that they do not experience any such effects if they consume it via a traditional method, like a joint. Given this fact, we can say that this effect may be a result of a still lingering high from the last night, as the rate of metabolism with edibles is a lot slower. 

But whatever method you choose, it all comes down to keeping your dosage low in order to avoid these unpleasant effects.

How to Treat Cannabis Hangover Symptoms?

If you are thinking of getting a California medical marijuana recommendation, you should have the knowledge to treat the cannabis hangover symptoms, just for the sake of your safety.

Here are a few symptoms of cannabis hangover:

  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Dry Eyes
  • Nausea
  • Headache

But before we talk about how to treat these symptoms, you should note that these are based on consumers’ experiences only. And therefore, you should not consider them certain. However, the commonality in these anecdotal reports is probably enough to consider this conversation logical.

Let’s see how you can treat the most common symptoms of cannabis hangover.

How to treat Fatigue and Brain Fog?

If you are a regular cannabis or alcohol consumer, you probably know how a brain fog feels. That groggy and dizzy feeling makes the starting of your day so difficult. It’s that unpleasant feeling that you just want to snap out of. But it definitely isn’t that easy. However, there are a few ways you can get out of that crappy feeling.

  • Move: Laying in your bed and constantly staring at a screen probably isn’t gonna help with this feeling. So, just get up of your bed and get your body moving.
  • Take a Shower: Prefer taking a shower with fresh cool water. It will wake up your senses and relax your mind.
  • Eat Sensibly: Eat healthy and stay hydrated in order to keep your body nourished.
  • Drink Coffee: If you need an extra boost, you may try consuming coffee or some other caffeine-based product.

These methods may not completely resolve your sluggishness. However, it should help you get through your day a little bit more comfortably.

How to treat a headache?

Headache is also a very common symptom of cannabis hangover. And many users blame dehydration for this. However, again, we don’t have any solid evidence to support this theory. Having said that, there is actually a possibility of this, as when you consume too much cannabis, you may forget drinking enough liquids. And this may result in you sleeping dehydrated.

If you experience a headache after waking up, you may try temple massage, cold compresses, or OTC medicines, such as aspirin, etc. 

How to treat Nausea?

Nausea may seem to be somewhat less common, but it probably is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of cannabis hangover. If you wake up with nausea, try to let it ride out on itself. However, if it’s severe, stay hydrated, eat light foods and get some medications after consulting a doctor, if needed.

How to treat Red Eyes?

For cannabis consumers, red eyes or dry eyes is one of the most common symptoms, especially while consuming high THC strain. But this clears up very quickly. However, if you have red eyes the next day too, you may consider using some good quality eye drops to restore the moisture and soothe your redness.

Now, that you know about what a cannabis hangover is, I think, you can apply for a California medical marijuana recommendation without any worries. But if you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.